The Powerpuff Girls

Season 6 Episode 10

I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future / Octi-Gone

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Mar 25, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In "Octi Gone", the Girls' party dresses looked more like girlier versions of their normal dresses.

    • After Professor Utonium tried to put the leg back on, Bubbles said he'd got the leg in backwards, but it wasn't as it was first received, until Bubbles switched the leg right round.

    • In some shots, the flower on the Professor switches form his left side to his right side.

    • After the Professor puts the leg back on Octi, it suddenly smiled. Is Octi an alive toy?

    • As Mojo ate the slice of the banana cream pie, look in the shot when the catering man warns about the pie. It's back to a whole new pie.

    • "Octi-Gone" - When Bubbles is on the phone, she has Octi with her, but in the next shot, it disappeared.

    • The Mayor has some indications on being a pickle addict because Ms. Bellum has given the Mayor a pickle patch.

    • Buttercup said in "Octi-Gone" that she hates her party dress, but in "Slumbering with the Enemy," she, Blossom, and Bubbles were wearing all types of clothes along with Mojo.

    • Wouldn't something else have happened to the Girls after they were freed, despite the fact that voodoo dolls cause something to happen to whoever they are dolls of, depending on what the cause is?

    • When the Girls were in the trench coat, Bubbles was wearing a fake moustache, but after Fred discovers Buttercup and scares the Girls, her moustache just disappears out of thin air.

    • At the end of the episode, the Narrator says that the newspapers said, "It's Rare to See a Medium So Well Done," but the headline shown really said, "That Well Done."

  • Quotes

    • Bubbles: Mojo, you get outta there, you're nothing but a big party pooper.

    • Bubbles: WHO IS THIS?!?!
      Mojo Jojo: I told you, I'm holding Octi for a 1,000 gallons of Chemical X.
      Bubbles: Oh, really, now? (Professor begs her to carry on) So can you describe him for me?

    • Bubbles: It's gotta be Buttercup, who else could it be? (Blossom winks, Bubbles gasped) Not Blossom, it couldn't be her, or COULD IT?!

    • Bubbles: (Crying) OH, HO, HO! Octi, I'm gonna find out WHOEVER DID THIS TO DO AND THEY WILL PAY!!!

    • Narrator: The city of Townsville, where all the who's who of the city's most fru-fru are preparing for the big to-do at the home of Townsville's very own Professor U.

    • Narrator: And the Mayor was let back into Townsville faster than you could say, "open sesame."
      Mayor: Open sesa -
      Powerpuff Girls: Here you go, Mayor.
      Mayor: Shoot!

    • Mayor: You were right, Ms. Bellum. The pickle patch is great! Especially on cold turkey sandwiches.
      Ms. Bellum: Oh, Mayor.

    • Buttercup: Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me get this straight. You asked a psychic for decisions on municipal issues?
      Mayor: No, no, of course not. That would be silly. I got advice from a dead relative.

    • Madame Argentina: Please sit. I have been expecting you.
      Mayor: Wow! You are good!

    • Narrator: Oh, no! It's the Mayor of Townsville -- the one person who should have read the newspaper today, but didn't.

    • Narrator: The city of Townsville, where it's a petty world out there and petty crime is at an all-time high. Which leads us to the question of who, who could be picking the pockets of the unsuspecting citizens of Townsville?
      Madame Argentina: Why, me, of course.
      Narrator: Who said that?
      Madame Argentina: Down here. (Waves hand)

    • Narrator: And with that, the Girls were off... faster than you could say "Professor Utonium."
      Mayor: Professor Uton -
      Powerpuff Girls: We're here, Mayor!
      Mayor: Well, I'll be. I couldn't finish saying it.

    • Narrator: Regardless of how the Mayor handles his civic duties, the Girls still had a job to do. And with that, they were off... faster than you could say "bad television."
      Mayor: Bad televi -
      Powerpuff Girls: Later, Mayor!
      Mayor: Darn it!

    • Blossom: Look what I found!
      Bubbles & Buttercup: What is it?
      Blossom: A tarot card. Girls, this is worse than we imagined.
      Bubbles: Whatever do you mean, Blossom?
      Blossom: Not only are we dealing with a petty criminal, we're dealing with... a tarot-ist!

    • (The Girls are about to start an attempt to capture Madame Argentina)
      Blossom: You ready, Buttercup?
      Buttercup: Check.
      Blossom: Ready, Bubbles?
      Bubbles: Ready. (Clears her throat, in a deeper voice) Ready.
      Blossom: Great. Let's put Operation Over-Medium into action.

    • Narrator: But when Fred stuck his head in the pocket, he didn't find a wallet, nor did he find jewelry. He found a Buttercup!

    • Blossom: Look! There she is!
      Bubbles: And she's got dolls of us!
      Buttercup: And a box of pins!
      Blossom: What in the world would she want those things for?
      Narrator: And with the first poke of the pin, the Girls quickly got the point.

    • Narrator: And the newspapers this day read, "Powerpuffs Powerless to Pinch Pocket-Picking Pin-Pushing Predictor!" Will the Girls ever escape this literal cliffhanger? Will the Mayor ever get back into Townsville? Will Madame Argentina ever share her gumdrops?

    • Narrator: For these are but a few of Townsville's citizens who've been robbed by this elusive and rather vertically-challenged psychic, which is why the newspapers this day read, "Small Medium at Large!"

    • Madame Argentina: I am sensing presence of a dead relative.
      Mayor: Yes! Yes, I do have dead relatives!
      Madame Argentina: A dead…aunt?
      Mayor: Yes! Yes! I have one of those! Uncanny.
      Madame Argentina: Yes! It is your dead aunt coming through. Aunt... buh... cuh... duh... fuh... Ger...
      Mayor: Gertrude? My dead Aunt Gertrude?
      Madame Argentina: That's the one.
      Mayor: She wants to speak to me? (Speaking upward) How you doing, Gert?

    • Blossom: And you've been locked out since Wednesday? But, Mayor, it's Saturday. Why did you wait so long to call?
      Mayor: My cell phone calling plan has free weekend minutes.

    • Narrator: And the newspapers read this day... "It's Rare to See a Medium So Well Done."

    • (Mayor gasps)
      Ms. Bellum: Mayor, we're done gasping.

    • Madame Argentina: A good medium never reveals her secrets.
      Mayor: I thought that was a musician.
      Madame Argentina: Whatever. $10, please.

    • Narrator: And as Madame Argentina plied her false fortunes, the goose got down.
      Fred: Is that a feather joke?

    • Blossom: Mmm-mmm! I sure love barbecue goose!
      Buttercup: Yeah! Me, too!
      Bubbles: Save the neck for me!

    • Bubbles: (Singing) D'oh! In my tailbone!

    • Madame Argentina: Would you like your palms read?
      Bubbles: Oh, no, thanks. I like them the color they are.

    • Buttercup: Bubbles! Put down that stupid octopus and help us with this stupid octopus!

    • Madame Argentina: Oh, good day, kind sir. I've been expecting you.
      Bubbles: (In a tall uniform) Wow, she is good.
      Blossom: (From inside coat) Shhh!
      Bubbles: (Whispering) Sorry.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy Durante

      In "Octi-Gone" there is a guy laughing at the party who may resemble to the comedian Jimmy Durante, with his big nose.

    • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

      Bubbles and The Mayor fighting over Octi in "Octi-Gone" and both yelling: "Mine!", may be a reference to a scene in "The Empire Strikes Back" when Yoda and R2D2 fight over a torch.

    • Don't Scrye for Me Argentina: Title
      "Don't Scrye for Me, Argentina" is a spoof off of the title of the song, "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

    • Episode Title: Octi Gone
      This is a title pun/reference to the shape, octagon.

    • Narrator: The dolls were quickly put up for auction on eBay.
      Reference to eBay; a huge Internet auction site.

    • Jay Warden: Appearance
      The warden at the end of this ep is a white-moustachioed, bespectacled man, wearing a naval uniform that looks a bit like that worn by Cap'n Crunch; on his hat is a large J, and he wears a name badge that tags him as the Jay Warden. This is a reference to Jay Ward, a producer for Rocky & Bullwinkle.