The Powerpuff Girls

Season 1 Episode 6

Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Nov 25, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff
Insect Inside: Bug-loving loser Roach Coach has devised a plan to take over Townsville - and eventually the world - with his army of cockroaches. The Girls battle the roaches and win, only to discover that Roach Coach is really a robot - controlled by a roach. So, the true Roach Coach ends up jarred and jailed. Powerpuff Bluff: A gang of violent crooks use every resource in the Townsville Jail - including grown-up-sized Powerpuff costumes - to walk right out of captivity and into the local ban, using their Powerpuff privileges to clean out the vault, rip off the jewelry store and trash the Mayor and his mansion. When Ms. Bellum's suspicion is raised, she tells the Mayor, who misunderstands and has the real Powerpuffs arrested. Ms. Bellum clues the Girls in about the imposters, and the superheroes bust out to attack the bad guys - as good girls.moreless

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  • Ouch. It is painful to watch.

    Man this was aweful. A cochroach who is disguised as a human so that he can take over TownsVille and be ruler. It is not a good episode to watch. Very crappy. PowerPuff Bluff was also horrible. Three guys from prison escapse by disguising themselevs as the PowerPuff girls. HOw could you not see through their disguises? They are men and are very easy to spot. Man this was horrible.
  • Weird for the first episode.

    The first episode in production order...

    Insect Inside: This episode grossed me out when I first watched it, how can the PPG destroy roaches when they can survive anything. Except being squashed, as the Professor pointed out greatly. I like how Professor ended up squashing that spider in the end. That was hysterical. Highlight of the episode.

    Powerpuff Bluff: This episode sounded and looked very unrealistic, everyone in Townsville is retarded not to figure out that the robbers were dressed up as the power puff girls. Anyways the costumes were in the jail cell? What was that, that is what made the score overall an 8. Still great episode.moreless
  • A great way to begin the series.

    Insect Inside: This episode was great but a little creepy with that roach guy and all. I laughed so hard when Bubbles was running from the roach in the beginning. The battle was great when the roaches combined and everything. Talk about a shocker when I found out the man was a robot controlled by a roach. Hopefully roaches aren't that smart but they are the only ones that can survive a nuclear blast so you never know. This episode made me itch because I start looking around thinking roaches are around me LOL. Overall I liked this episode.

    Powerpuff Bluff: In my opinion this is the better of the two. Three criminals dressed as the Girls and the town actually believed. That was clever writing on Craig's part. They found a way to make this episode funny and very entertaining. Those guys were robbing banks and beating on the mayor and Mayor still didn't realize. He didn't deserve to be Mayor, he's so gullible but thats why we love him. The fight was great especially when they were hitting each other and then decided to just fight their counterpart to avoid confusion. This episode is definitely a reason I fell in love with this series.moreless
Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Ms. Bellum

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Prisoner 253/Prisoner 002/Prisoner 017

Recurring Role

Roger L. Jackson

Roger L. Jackson

Roach Coach

Recurring Role

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