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The Powerpuff Girls

Season 5 Episode 11

Lying Around the House / Bubble Boy

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jan 09, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Lying Around the House: After the Professor lies to the Girls to avoid spending time with them, a little white lie monster develops. Suddenly, when the Girls start to lie to the Professor all the time, the monster starts to grow bigger. The Girls figure out the way to defeat the monster is to confess their lies to the Professor.

Bubble Boy: While causing havoc in Townsville, the Rowdyruff Boys tell Boomer to steal some candy for them. Fortunately, the Powerpuff Girls stop Boomer and capture him. Bubbles pretends to be Boomer to try and capture Brick and Butch even if it means having to eat a cockroach.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • man i loved this episode! it has the rrb and the ppg, my favorite combo of characters, all in opne! and with a couple funny lines, this episode is definitely one of the best!moreless

    the episode is mainly about the powerpuff girls capturing rowdyruff boy boomer and having bubbles disguise herself as boomer in a plot to capture brick and butch. there are so many funny moments throughout the episode, and definitely high up on my favorite episode list! the writers really developed the rowdyruff boys more and more, and they were also able to intertwine some comedic situations in as well, such as the boys ( and a disguised bubbles) writing graffiti on a subway wall and brick and butch spelling things wrong, while bubbles/boomer writes " flowers are pretty... DUMB!" on the wall and the brick and butch strut away saying how dumb boomer was for spelling dumb with a B. just classic little boy comedy on that one, overall a fabulous episode that i really suggest watching for any fan of this show!moreless
Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


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Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


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Roger L. Jackson

Roger L. Jackson


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Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After Blossom caused the washing machine to explode, when the Professor called for Blossom, the door was open when she entered. However, it was closed right before he called her and nobody opened it.

    • Somehow the Professor already knows about the Rowdyruff Boys in "Bubble Boy."

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (lie monster begins to grew)
      Buttercup: Hey! It grew again!
      Blossom: Wait a minute.

    • Bubbles: (disguised as Boomer) Well, how do I look?
      Boomer: Boy, you look dumb!

    • Bubbles: (to the lie monster) Hey! Wh-what are you doing?!
      Lie Monster: Huh? I didn't to it! (laughs)

    • Blossom: I ate Buttercup's chocolate bar! (lie monster starts to shrink) It works!

    • Butch: For a second there, I thought you were turning girly on us.
      Brick: Yeah, and dumb? Geez, Boomer, if you gonna do cofretti, at least spell the words right. Heish, talk about dumb.

    • Bubbles: (disguised as Boomer) Well, you see...the candy...uh...I ate it! And if you want it, you can tear open my stomach and eat out my intestines, you...jerks!

    • Boomer: I don't care what they say. I'm not as dumb as I look.

    • Bubbles: Professor, I'm really sorry I busted your invention.
      Professor Utonium: That's okay, Bubbles. I'm sorry you had to eat a cockroach.
      Bubbles: That's okay. It tasted like chicken.

    • Brick: So, what should we do? Boomer, you got any bright ideas?
      Bubbles: (Disguised as Boomer) Well, uh, uh, uh... (Listens through earpiece) How about some chemistry experiments?
      Brick: Oh, man, that's the lamest ever.
      Butch: Lamer than lame.
      Professor Utonium: (At home) Well, that's how I usually have fun.

    • Bubbles: (Disguised as Boomer) Uh, hi. It's me, Boomer, your brother. Oh, hey, Fuzzy.
      Brick: We know you're our brother. We're not as stupid as you.

    • Blossom: Gee, Professor, you sure outdid yourself this time with that containment ray.
      Professor Utonium: I'll say. Once again, I have no idea what I did.

    • Brick: Man, beating up people for fun is really fun.
      Butch: Yeah!
      Boomer: Yeah! Beating up people for fun is really fun!
      (Brick hits him in the face with soda can)
      Brick: Dude, that is the dumbest thing you've said all day.
      Boomer: Well, you said the same thing.
      Brick: Yeah, but it sounds cool coming out of my mouth.

    • Professor Utonium: Oh, hello, Mayor. How can we help you?
      Mayor: Well, I just gave my re-election speech, and, well, I need a little help.
      (A huge White Lie Monster is seen terrorizing Townsville)

    • Professor Utonium: Bubbles!
      Bubbles: Y-Yes, Professor?
      Professor Utonium: What is this?
      Bubbles: That's a ficus.
      Professor Utonium: Not the plant. This. (Points to wall) Are you responsible for this?
      Bubbles: Um, well, I'm sure to the untrained eye, this drawing may seem like one of mine. But if you look closer, you'll see it's an obvious attempt at pseudo-impressionism, while I deal strictly in realism. Bye!

    • Buttercup: Liver and onions. I hate liver and onions. This stuff isn't even fit for a dog to eat.
      Bubbles: That's it! We'll feed it to our dog.
      Buttercup: Duh. We don't have a dog.

    • Bubbles: Hey, look! The Professor left his beard on. That means it must be Saturday, which means the Professor can spend the whole day playing with us!

    • Professor Utonium: Girls, time to get up. Breakfast is ready.
      Buttercup: Bacon and eggs.
      Bubbles: Waffles.
      Blossom: French toast.
      Professor Utonium: Liver and onions.

    • Bubbles: (Disguised as Boomer) Well, how do I look?
      Boomer: Boy, do you look dumb!
      Blossom: Need we say more?

  • NOTES (4)