The Powerpuff Girls

Season 1 Episode 4

Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Mar 12, 1995 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Everything that was meat came back to normal. But how come the Mayor was still meat?

    • The narrator was done by the late Ernie Anderson, who was the original announcer of America's Funniest Home Videos hosted by Bob Sagat.

    • When Fuzzy fires at Bubbles, they she shouted "HEY," but that was Blossom's voice you heard, not Bubbles.

  • Quotes

    • Children: PHONE!!!!
      Ms. Keane: Coming, coming! (picks up phone) Yes, yes... yes, Blossom's here. Blossom, telephone!
      Blossom: Okay!

    • Narrator: Hurry, girls, hurry! You got to get to downtown! It's a mess!

    • Fuzzy: So, mall, we "meat" again!
      Girls: Not so fast, Fuzzy Lumpkins!
      Fuzzy: Huh? The Powerpuff Girls!

    • Fuzzy: It's those Powerpuff Girls who are losers. They laughed at my Meat Jam!

    • Fuzzy: But it's I who will laugh last! For I have created The Meat Gun, a gun so powerful, it can turn anything and everything INTO MEAT!! And with it, I will eat TOWNSVILLLEE!!

    • Narrator: And so, the Powerpuff Girls begin to judge, as the crowd nervously waits their decision, everyone is freaking out, except for... this Guy, Fuzzy Lumpkins. Say, Fuzzy, what's your secret?
      Fuzzy: Uh, well, I'm gonna win 'cause my jam is special.
      Narrator: How's that?
      Fuzzy: It's made of meat, I made meat jam.
      Narrator: Oohh!
      Fuzzy: Yip, I could hear it now, the winner is letter C.
      Powerpuff Girls: The winner is... letter A!
      (Crowd cheers)
      Narrator: OHH, tough luck, Fuzzy.
      Fuzzy: I'm not a loser! (echoes)

    • Narrator: Yeah, say hello to Blossom.
      Blossom: Hi.
      Narrator: Bubbles.
      (Bubbles giggles)
      Narrator: And Buttercup.
      Buttercup: HEOO!
      Narrator: The Powerpuff Girls!

    • Powerpuff Girls: Teacher, may we please be excused to save the world?
      Ms. Keane: Yes, you may. (sees them fly off) But not through the-
      (they crash through the roof)
      Ms. Keane: (sighs) Roof...
      Boy: Teacher, I have to save the world, too.

    • Blossom: Who could have done this?
      Dog: Boy, they sure are in a jam.
      Blossom: That's it!

    • Blossom: That went pretty good, huh?
      Buttercup: Yeah, all except for that meat jam. It tasted like dog food!
      Bubbles: I know!

    • Blossom: Bubbles, what are you doing?
      Bubbles: Coloring.

    • Mayor: Why does my burger have deely bobs on it?

    • Narrator: Oh, no! It can't be! It's... MEAT HAIR! Oh, this is terrible! People, if you only knew how much pride Bubbles takes in her hair! All the washing and conditioning, and the brushing, and brushing, and brushing, and brushing!

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