The Powerpuff Girls

Season 3 Episode 13

Moral Decay / Meet the Beat Alls

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Feb 09, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • (BUZZER SOUND) Incorrect rock band

    The song, ''Money (That's What I Want)'' was originally a song by The Rolling Stones (Who had other hits like (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, I Wanna Be Your Man, and many
  • Moral Decay - after learning about the Tooth Fairy, Buttercup goes overboard trying to get more money. Meet the Beat-alls - Mojo Jojo, Princess, Him and Fuzzy Lumpkins join forces in order to get their way.

    Not, I didn't care much for the episode "Moral Decay", but I DID thoroughly enjoy "Meet the Beat-alls", being a fan of the Beatle's music and all.

    I love how the writers and animators cleverly inserted song lyrics, song titles, and other refrences to the Beatles culture into this episode.

    And I especially enjoyed seeing a cameo by the Fab Four themselves!

    Beatles and Powerpuff girls fans alike should definetly watch this episode!
  • Beatles parody.

    Moral Decay: We all knew we were going to have a fierce Buttercup episode sometime this season. I like how they finally center it on one girl. This like the first time, this season. The tooth fairy. Hmm. Well I would of liked them to say the tooth fairy wasn't real but whatever.

    Meet The Beat Alls: I loved this episode! (or short) Well since I am a devoted Beatles fan, I really enjoyed this episode. I also like how they made the reference of Yoko breaking up the band. Writers are genius! This was a perfect way to close a season. Amazing how the villains teamed up like that!
  • meet the beat all's spoliers alert!!!!!! (i actually like the beatles they are one of my favorite if not my favorite band)

    meet the beat all's a big refrence to the band the beatles. they even have a refrence for yoko ono. they use names of the beatles songs all the time. like a monkey's name is micheal and a zoo keeper (i think) is name jude. at the begining they were deciding their name and one suggest the silver beatles which was a name they were going to use. they use song peaces in sentences like "you better run for you're life little girl" "and the beat all's had a ticket to ride" they also had a character from their movie "the yellow subarine" as a police officer. this episode shows the power puff's losing to four of the nitourias villains. fuzzy mo jo and i can't remember the other two names sorry.

    to quothe the mayour "the beat all's are on the roof they just won't let it be"
    and it i think his name is "i like you thank you on behalf of the group and we hope we passed the audition"
    and finally the last line delivered by the power puff girls "oh its like the song say's the love you take is equal to it's equal to. oh i forget it's by some dumb old band anyway's"
  • Hilarious Beatles parody! One of the best PPG episodes!

    Meet the beat-Alls: I've seen some shows have done Beatles parodies, but this episode is without a doubt one of the best ones out there. The writers for this episodes made a fantastic job including all the Beatles references in even the smallest details, like the background music, I think many people overlook most of them, but after doing some research I've caught up with more and more references and it's amazing. And I'm sure they had the older viewers in mind because many kids probably don't even know who The Beatles are, so it was cool to see this for us oldest fans. The plot itself is very clever, I like it a lot. The girls were pretty funny and so was the Professor, I loved when he was encouraging them to break up The Beat-Alls, with all those lines of Beatles songs! lol I also liked a line by Blossom at the end of the episode "You know like the song says...ah who cares, it's by one dumb ol' band anyways" haha. Overall, fantastic episode. Final Grade: A++

    (Moral Decay I don't remember enough to review so this review is just for Meet the Beat-Alls)
  • Best Episode Ever!!!!

    I don't recall seeing Moral Decay, so this entire review is based on Meet the Beat Alls. This episode was hilarious! The writers did such a good job with including all those Beatles references. One of my favorite scenes was when the Beat Alls were in a bed in the middle of an intersection. This parody was a mix of John and Yoko's bed-in, as well as the song "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" (notice Fuzzy asking, "Why are we doing this again?" See what I mean?). And yes, I loved Moko Jono breaking up the group. I liked everything about it. This episode deserves a 10 out of 10.
  • If you are a PPG fan? or a Beatle fan, Then you'll gonna love this trilling episodes.

    Since That's Not My Baby is my favourite episode, I'll say that they are my 2nd and 3rd favourite episodes on my list.

    Moral Decay is a great episode were Buttercup knocking people's teeth out for a dollar, I wonder how much did she'd had before the Professor paid for the dentail bills.

    Meet the Beat-Alls is the greatest out of those two, Although I'm not a beatle fan but the characters, the songs and The quotes were well written for the scripts.

  • An episode for PPG fans and Beatles fans alike

    I recently saw this episode, and could not stop laughing, it crams so many Beatles in that if you don't watch carfully you could miss it, my dad who loves the Beatles but hates the powerpuff girls was even laughing, As a fan of both the Powerpuff girls and the Beatles I belive this is the best episode ever 10 out of 10 all the way!
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