The Powerpuff Girls

Season 4 Episode 8

Nano of the North

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jun 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When the Nanobots eat the Girls' clothes, they don't eat Blossom's bow.

    • Even at molecular size, the Girls' task would have been impossible; if a Nanobot were in every raindrop and were reproducing at a fast rate, there'd be trillions of them by the time the Girls got there. If they were fighting while moving at just under the speed of light (being careful not to go faster, to avoid a repeat of what happened in "Speed Demon"), and every Nanobot stopped their reproduction process to fight them (and we have no proof of either), destroying them all would still take years. They at most would have a few hours before they collapsed from exhaustion, and then... it was pretty much a mistake on the creatures' part to form the Monobot.

    • In scenes where the shrunken Girls are speaking to the Professor, they are clearly NOT microscopic (they are about the size of insects), although they definitely are when they face the Nanobots.

    • The Professor used a special helmet to track the girls during the battle, which he did not have when he drove them to the city.

    • The Professor's clothes melted the first time with a drop of rain, but the second time he went outside it was pouring and his clothes didn't melt.

  • Quotes

    • Professor Utonium: Girls? Oh, my goodness.
      Blossom: We failed, Professor.
      Bubbles: And our clothes melted.

    • Bubbles: I don't see any Nanobots.
      Buttercup: They're in the rain, stupid.

    • Professor Utonium: Girls, stop! (booming) Stop!
      Blossom: What was that?
      Bubbles: My ears are ringing.
      Professor Utonium: (booming) Girls, listen, you're too...
      Blossom: Professor, you're too loud! (squeaking) Too loud.
      Professor Utonium: WHAT?! (booming) WHAT?!
      Blossom: Too loud!
      Professor Utonium: I CAN'T... (booming) ...HEAR YOU!
      (girls screaming)
      Professor Utonium: What was that?!
      (girls squeaky screaming)
      Professor Utonium: Oh, golly, the sound waves of my voice must be booming to their tiny ears.

    • Professor Utonium: Here it is, my perfectly designed transport carrier solution. It's got vents to allow oxygen to circulate and a cyclical locking mechanism to keep you securely inside during travel, and a 360-degree glass shield offering protection and visibility.
      Buttercup: Professor, isn't that just a jar with holes in the lid?
      Professor Utonium: Well, I suppose it may look similar.

    • Narrator: Wait. What's this? Oh, no! A dark, sinister shadow falls over Townsville, blocking out the sun! What doom looms over this peaceful city? What evil lurks in the sky above? What horrible, vile, heartless force descends upon us? What does it want? Why does it torture us so? What has Townsville done to deserve this relentless barrage of doom and destruction? Have we somehow angered a higher power? Are we to be forever cursed? Are we just a cosmic joke? What do you want from us? We can't take it anymore! Who are you? Why are you? What are you?! (Starts crying) Oh, I'm so scared! Hold me! Hold me, oh, please! Wait a minute. It's rain. Oops.

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