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  • Was great at first

    This show was great at first. Then it wnt kinda downhill, then went downhill again, then even more downhill, before finally reducing to crap in the end.

    In the later episodes, the characters just became dumb, The Rowdyruff Boys were better off only appearing once before reappearing in Season 5. Switching from traditional cel to digital animation in Season 5 wasn't a good idea at all.

    I loved Season 1 mainly because of the simple plot lines and the animation looked just great. Season 1 was absolutely the shining star of the seasons.

    Season 2 was also great but I began to notice a slight downhill trend in quality. The animation redesigns honestly wasn't that good of an idea but besides that, nothing changed. Season 2 was overall great besides the unnecessary redesigns and the sudden lacking of humor which caused this once wonderful show to slowly die.

    Now, Season 3 is when I started to notice a slight downhill trend in quality. The plots became somewhat rushed and the characters were slowly dumbing down. Some episodes had very rushed plots like Criss Cross Crisis or All Chalked Up. Mojo was running out of ideas to destroy the world and the jokes just became reused.

    By Season 4 I knew something was up. The jokes became weaker and weaker. The only great episode was Superfriends. Every other episode was below average.

    Season 5 was nothing BUT horrible! The animation looked VERY ugly with digital. We got highly cringeworthy episodes such as Reaking Havoc. The City Of Frownsville was stupid. All we got was 30 minutes of ***edness every single episode. The final episode was also horrible and it was a tragedy.

    PPG went quickly from awesome to solid to decent to mediocre to crap. It's just sad to see this once great show die so quickly.

    Overall season scores:

    Season 1: 10/10

    Season 2: 8/10

    Season 3: 6/10

    Season 4: 4/10

    Season 5: 0/10
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