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  • Kind of Iconic for Cartoon Network

    The good ol' Hanna-Barbera days, that's what I first think of with the original Powerpuff Girls.

    I say they are iconic, because, to me personally, it is ONE their best shows to date, I'm not particularly sure it is THEE best though.

    One of the main reasons I say it is so great, is because of all the wonderful collection of villains we got from it.

    From my memory of watching this show as a kid, there had to have been at least 20 villains in the entire series, which makes it all the more engaging as a show.

    The mayor, is honestly one of the funniest characters I have watched so far on a show from Cartoon Network.

    This is a very memorable show, and it deserves to be back on TV.
  • A timeless classic in my opinion!

    Even after nearly 20 years this show has been out (Holy shit, btw), it's still enjoyable and fun to watch. The writing is brilliant, the animation is top-notch, the characters are likable and relatable, the crime fighting is amazing, the voice acting is splendid, it's just overall, a great show! That's all I can say about it.
  • Awesomeness

  • One of Cartoon Network's finest shows!

    Three little girls fighting crime together! What more could you ask for? Throw in some pop culture references, hidden dirty jokes, and some very witty yet very dark villains and you got yourself a good superhero show for not just little girls but young boys and adults as well!
  • One of the only TV shows that made my childhood.

    I just love it! I just really, really love the series. The first Craig McCracken show that has proven to be a real success, the others include: 'Foster*s Home for Imaginary Friends' and 'Wander Over Yonder'. And I can't wait to see the reboot. I hope it's just as good as this show.
  • One of the greatest shows on Cartoon Network or is it?

    I'm not saying this show is overrated, I'm saying this show hasn't aged well. You can argue that the later seasons had something to do with it, but either way I'm just so disappointed that this show isn't as good as I remember it. I like the character designs and the fight sequences were cool, the animation was really colorful and the girls were likable, cute and relatable; however, the plot for each episode was hit or miss (mostly miss). It's not just the later seasons but also episodes like the one where Buttercup wouldn't take a bath or when Bubbles and Buttercup butchered Blossom's hair, or the one where the Bubbles has an animal hording problem and doesn't learn her lesson by the end of the episode (and don't say that she does, because then she wouldn't have released all the animals from the zoo). I'm pretty sure it was only good at the time of it's prime and I can't really give it a high recommendation; if you want some nostalgia, it's best you stick with the episodes that are good (like the first few episodes were you get some character development and strong plots), for everyone else those, i guess you can watch it for the action, but that's about it.
  • This is a pretty good cartoon.

    I admit, I'm a guy. But when I was a kid The Powerpuff Girls was one of my favorite shows. Fast foward 15 years and its still pretty good, if not as amazing as I originally thought.

    The Powerpuff Girls themselves are pretty cool characters for being so young, and all three are just adorable. Blossom is the leader, and the smart one. Bubbles is the sweet, bubbly one. And Buttercup is the tough one. A pretty good trio of personalities, even though this probably wasn't the first time they were used in a show. The majority of the other characters are pretty cool too, like the Professor and the Mayor, whose absolutely hilarious. And most of the villains are great too. Like Mojo Jojo, who can be pretty dangerous, but also has a tendency to ramble for a good portion of an episode which can be slightly grating, and Fuzzy, who's just an awesomely funny hillbilly creature. Him is just a dangerous guy altogether despite his tranny-devil appearance. As for Princess, she's a spoiled-rotten, whiny, arrogant little cretin and by far my least favorite character in the show.

    As for the show. It seems like a little kids show if first looked at, yet it got pretty violent at times too. Hell there's blood in a good majority of the episodes. But that isn't bad, just be warned if you're a little kid. Most of the cartoon has good episodes, but there were also some episodes that weren't good. Powerpuff Girls also had a movie about the girls creation that came out in theaters, and it was pretty amazing. Considering how most tv cartoons that get a movie in theaters go, thats quite an accomplishment. They even made the last couple of seasons with the movie's art style.

    So apart from some bad episodes, this is a really good cartoon. I would recommend it over any of the stuff they show on Cartoon Network now.
  • return in 2016!!

  • My Favorite Cartoon Network Show

    The Powerpuff Girls is one of my favorite Cartoon Network series. It is about three little girls: Blossom the leader and smart one, Bubbles the sweet and loving one, and Buttercup the tough and tomboy one, are crime fighters and is their duty to keep their city safe. At the same time, they deal with their own everyday situations that every kid faces. The characters are memorable and quirky, plenty of morals in each episode, the jokes are hilarious, great villains (especially Mojo Jojo and HIM), impressive voice acting, and the animation is similar to 2 Stupid Dogs meets Dexter's Laboratory, in other words, rich the series, they talked about gender roles in a positive way that many cartoons cannot pull off. The series has many superhero and old cartoons references. It is pretty much a superhero genre parody, yet it is original.

    In the beginning, it was a gem. From Season One through Three, they were the olden Era. Season Four was somewhat good and had great episodes that are completely different from others. When the creator left, the series went downhill. Some of the characters were annoying, the writing was a bit lazy, and the jokes were trying too hard.

    In conclusion, The Powerpuff Girls is one of Cartoon Network's classics. It is a cartoon that will be remembered for decades.
  • This show rocks

    Man this show is just amazing. The characters are likable. My favorite has to be bubbles. The villains are great. Fuzzy Lumpkin's a southern stereotype yet somehow hilarious. And of course there is the great MOJO JOJO. And then there is HIM. Him is my favorite villain seeing as he appeared in many great episodes. Speed Demon, Tough Lough, Him Riddle, Diddle. Whenever I feel depressed watching this show just makes me happy with its great humor like the best rainy day adventure, and the episode where bubbles thinks she is mojo jojo. And it also can tell a great story like in Knock it off, Bubble vicious, Speed Demon, Knock it off etc. The idea is great and while the girls not having noses ears or hands can get buggy you get used to it after awhile, kind of like South Park's cut outs. The action is great. It can be both silly and dark and if you are put off by the title you are making a huge mistake. This cartoon is truly imaginative and epic. The opening is memorable. It had some very talented people working on it and was one of cartoon network's best shows. The narrator is very memorable. It had a great voice acting cast. This show is just amazing.
  • A creative show!

    I used to this watch this show on boomerang all the time years ago, The animation looks decent and worth watching but sadly, in 2009-present almost ALL of the newer shows are not worth watching anymore like breadwinners, EVEN uncle grandpa. Oops this got off-topic. Now i will judge this show by:

    Art style: 15/15 A+

    Animation: 13/15 A-

    Music: 11/15 C- I don't care much about music on TV shows so I gave a C- UNLESS if its annoying

    Characters: 15/15 A+ The character's are so creative and original unlike the modern shows, Great main characters like blossom, bubbles and buttercup. The NAMES are so creative.

    Plot: 14/15 Awesome and Semi-creative plots on episodes! some of them are funny and Worth to watch!

    Voice actors: 15/15 Most of the character's voice fits so well even their personality!

    The only unsuccessful part of this show is "The city of frownsville" Episode but I know the character of this show tried, The part that MADE me mad is they remade the new designs of the powerpuff girls in a bad special called Danced pantsed. I wished they kept the old design, I even draw a picture of one of them!

    The creator put a lot of effort in this show and other's in back in the good old days.

    Most of the characters are LIKE ABLE in this show!

    I always love this show and the older shows, It's even entertaining too. My favorite character on that show was blossom!

    The characters are CUTE and has great violence in it! There are great shows like dexter's laboratory!

    Don't listen to their negative reviews of this show, Don't pay attention to their negative reviews.

    That show might got little downhill at season 5, but I still love this show! :D

  • Stupidest show ever

    This show is so stupid. The girls never shut up and they fail at crime fighting. There are no fart jokes either, why can't animators just watch Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum Chum, or Breadwinners. Also I heard many of the My Little Pony crew work on this.
  • powerpuff girls got cancelled in in 2005 Don't worry Cornelius Raibon rowdyruff boy will new show

    Cornelius Raibon rowdyruff boy wear decepticon t-shirt Cornelius Raibon Rowdyruff boy is see look blossom's uvula throat just like that drawing thanks to teacher from pine tree junior high school Blossom is open her for and say ahh with uvula throat cornelius Raibon is looking blossom is her throat uvula blossom is turn into mutant bunny bubbles turn into mutant squirrel buttercup turn into mutant raccoon ooze canister .
  • I love this cartoon!!!

    ever since i was about 5 i loved this show. i just loved the girls, the action, i just wanted to close my eyes and pretend i was fighting with them. i still love this show, but it is so old we do not have the channel it is on. last year i was made fun of for liking it and knowing how to draw them. so i stopped talking about it at school, but i still have my 3 power puff girls dolls that my 2 bestest friends in the world that were sisters that my mom use to babysit since i was 4. so i love this show!!!
  • It combines violence with cute cartoon characters my favorite kind of entertainment.

    This show is my most requested review and since I hate IMDB I made an account here. I know I said I was focusing on Nickelodeon and it's awful shows, but this is one of my biggest request and I'm willing to make an exception to a CalARTS creation. So lets get started and if you have a request follow me and message me it.

    Music: Nearly every soundtrack is composed beautifully. The theme song is one of the best on cartoon history. However there are a few mediocre tracks and they do play a handful of times. The rest are pretty good, but I don't see myself downloading it any time soon. It's good while it last.

    I give the music a 15/20

    Art Style: The art style is extremely similar to Dexter Laboratory and Samurai Jack, just a bit more smoother. While I did find the traditional one nostalgic I just loved the digital art better. After the movie they all got redesigns that were even cooler. I'm telling you the art style was decades ahead of its time. I give the art style a 20/20

    Characters: Wow! This has the most original characters I have ever seen. None of them are one dimensional and they always keep me surprise. The professor seems like a nerd, but then he's a swearing XD. The girls seem cute and then they make a guy bleed. Heck, Him is the devil. I would never think of that in kids show. This is the most original cast I have ever seen and I give them a 20/20

    Plot: I came in here thinking "Oh great ANOTHER super hero show, but this show focuses more on comedy then action. Don't worry even though they look like for 3 year olds I can assure you this show can grab anyone's attention. The numerous sexual innuendo's and pop culture references will keep adults and teen interested while the action and humor will keep kids interested as the cute art style will keep younger kids interested. Its a great family show I would reccomend to anyone. I give the plot a 20/20

    Voice Acting: The voice acting is great. The girls actually sound like 5 year old girls. If you told me three women were voicing them I wouldn't believe you. It's that believable!!!! The villains provide the right amount of evilness and silliness needed. The mayor and professor voices fit their roles pretty well too, but the best would have to be Ms. Bellum. Her voice fits perfectly! Yes, her voice acting is as good as Avatar The Last Airbender. Every other character is believable to it's almost scary. XD. Heck, even the extra's are amazing! I give the voice acting a 20/20
  • Best show ever!

    One of the best shows ever! It's my number one show with Total Drama being second and Hey Arnold! third. Anyways, this show is just . I did notice that some episodes in season 6 went downhill, but most of them were pretty great! I love this show a lot!
  • An instant classic

    When I think of a cartoon cartoon, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Everybody loved this show, little kids and teens alike. It pretty much helped break the stereotype of little girls's shows being bad, and that trend is being continued in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • great show, and a classic to all girls and fans alike

    powerpuff girls aren't just the best crimefighters in the cartoon underworld, they are also cute beyond belief, with buttercup being cool and cute at the same time. these episodes were the great memories of the 90s, and also the 2000s. the plot is kinda good for it's time, but it will always be a classic. this show must be brought back on cartoon network!

    first of all, i wanted to thank craig mccracken for his great effort to create this great show.

  • Best thing from my childhood!!!

    I just had to give it a 10, because the plot line is unique and CMCC is one of the best cartoonists you can ever find.

    with his work from the powerpuff girls his other shows (dexter and fosters) were pretty good too.

    I love this show and I am a puff Artist!!!

    my devianart is TheToughGreenGirl (i really wanna change it)
  • Great show.

    I actually really liked this show. It's about a professor who accidentally drops some Chemical X into a batch of sugar, spice, and everything nice, to create the Powerpuff Girls. The villains are more funny than evil, and the girls are really awesome. I will go over my opinion on the characters.

    Blossom is the leader of the group, I think she is good, she always has a plan to go with.

    Bubbles is probably my favorite. She is kind and sweet, but she can be vicious if you mess with her too much.

    Buttercup is really good, too. She is kickbutt and she is the tomboy of the group and the fighter.

    So, anyways, this show is really good. I will have to give it a 9. I hope to see you someday, girls.
  • Awesome show!

    I loved this show.
  • Good

    Powerpuff Girls used to be excellent before the newer and more modern episodes came in. The earlier series are brilliant, but what happened to the newer series?
  • Great Job! Bu wheres the newer excitment

    Brilliant at start. But getting confused after going on.

    Season 1: 10

    SEason 2: Wow 10

    Season 3: Rocks on 9.5/10

    Season 4: Goes very slightly down hill 8/10

    Season 5: Over mediocre at least 7/10

    Season 6:Does more improvement 7.5/10

    Overall 9
  • Very funny

    A great cartoon for all ages, The Powerpuff Girls is very funny indeed. The last few series lost their way but the earlier shows are very well written and have humour for all ages.
  • A cartoon made for 5 year old girls

    This show os so boring and unfunny just like most of the cartoon cartoons. plus, the villains are not even threatning and can easily be defeated. The only good villains were the rowdyruff boys and him. in fact the morals of the first two rowdyruff boys were sort of sexist cause theybwere bascically saying that boys are weak and all you have to do is kiss them and they won't mess with you. the second episode said that boys have low self estemm because he girls embarrased them and they started shrinking. Some of the plots are babyyish too and feels like it was made for 5 year olds. I give this show a -1/10 put the lowest rating on the scale was 1.
  • Three Girls in Kindergarten Beat the Crap Out of Evil Villians. What More Could You Want?

    Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, along with some Chemical X creates children! Children that kick-butt in this epic animated series, created by Craig McCracken, the man who would go on to make Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, what a genius he is. Powerpuff Girls is a true classic that entered Cartoon Network's lineup in 1998 during the "golden age" You know, before the network died. What was odd about this series is that it found a way to make the series be targeted at girls throughout the main character's charm, especially the names, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, but also add crimefighting, which appealed to boys. This series was an amazement. Too bad the crew that worked on the PPG during the later seasons didn't have enough Chemical X to make the series as great as it was back then.
  • One of the better Cartoon Cartoons

    Professor Untonium mixes sugar, spice, and everything nice together to create the perfect little girl...and then accidently adds an extra ingredient: Chemical X. The result is Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, also known as the Powerpuff Girls; three super-powered five-year-old girls who defend Townsville from all the various villains of the world.

    Overall, this was a pretty darn good show. The girls are clearly super-heroes, but they also act like the little girls they are. They also have faults: Blossom is smart, but can sometimes be a know-it-all; Bubbles is kind, but can also be naive; and Buttercup is tough, but sometimes too aggressive.

    The other characters stand out, too. Characters like Professor, the Mayor, and Ms. Bellum have their own quirks that help them stand out. The villains of the show are also memorable; in fact, this show is the origin of one of my favorite bad guys (HIM).

    Overall, this was a pretty good show. Definitely needs to be shown on Cartoon Network again. It was a perfect balance to "Ed Edd n Eddy." And if the Eds can still be shown on CN, why not the Powerpuff Girls?
  • Great show!!!

    One of my fave shows to watch.I loved the plots but the episode See Me,Feel Me,Gnomey was a big downhill so after that episode I still saw some episodes but not that one.I also loved the trio Blossom is smart and has a future ahead of her just wish she was focused on more,Bubbles is so cute and funny but was focused on too much,Buttercup um well was my least fave of the trio,She's too violent and mean at times but she does have a soft side aswell just wished they showed her soft side more!I adored most of the episodes and The RRB's were great too.Please bring this show back I WANT MY PPG'S BACK.
  • Went downhill after it's last season.

    But it's a not a big deal since all of the seasons except the last is great!

    Plot: Professor Utonium, created 3 little girls, using sugar, salt, and everything nice. Everything is going good until he accidentally shattered the "Chemical X". (Mojo Jojo had something to do with this) The chemical spilled into the concoction, instead of making three normal girls, he made the Powerpuff Girls, they are girls with superpower. Blossom, Bubble, Buttercup are the three girls who go to school everyday and fight crime, save the city of "Townsville". (a city that always gets attacked by criminals and monsters). Each episode has a different issue to be solved by the PPG.

    Characters: The trio are great, they have their own personality and goals. Mayor, is an immature mayor who always having a kid-related issues, (Which is funny) Ms. Bellum, a woman with a hidden face, mayor's secretary, she acts more than a secretary would do. The other people in here like the girls' classmate and their teacher Ms. Keane have also unique detail on their agenda. Villains have their own roles instead of just ruling the world. Mojo Jojo, wants to rule the world and be rich as possible, and be the smartest evil scientist. Him wants the world to be evil or suffering, Fuzzy Lumpkins, probably a yeti, doesn't like seeing other people. Princess Morbucks wants the world to know her, and Sedusa, is just there to fool men and anything to get money. Each villain, characters is unique until the last season, they went cliche and predictable. Voice acting is fantastic.

    Humor/Action value: This show has it all, but what I found in this is humor. The jokes and the things are just too funny that it makes me laugh. The action is great too! Too bad it went down in the last season. Things just went bland for some reason.

    Art: They're nice in the Hanna-Barbera era, but the kids that we have today may say no to them. Hanna-Barbera always does simplistic but fine show art. Good animation. No problems. Even in the last season.

    Overall: 8. This show was pushed down road after Chris Savino took over on this show. However all of episodes from the other seasons are great.
  • now this is what i call a good action cartoon.

    this show is freakin badass! it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl. as long as you love action. this is the show for you. a show about 3 girls with superpowers beating the sh*t out of villians? thats what im talkin about! sadly this show got cancelled due to losing their popularity. i guess fans were tired of it. luckly, boomerang shows reruns on 10:00-11:00 PM so thank god for boomerang.
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