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  • This is a pretty good cartoon.

    I admit, I'm a guy. But when I was a kid The Powerpuff Girls was one of my favorite shows. Fast foward 15 years and its still pretty good, if not as amazing as I originally thought.

    The Powerpuff Girls themselves are pretty cool characters for being so young, and all three are just adorable. Blossom is the leader, and the smart one. Bubbles is the sweet, bubbly one. And Buttercup is the tough one. A pretty good trio of personalities, even though this probably wasn't the first time they were used in a show. The majority of the other characters are pretty cool too, like the Professor and the Mayor, whose absolutely hilarious. And most of the villains are great too. Like Mojo Jojo, who can be pretty dangerous, but also has a tendency to ramble for a good portion of an episode which can be slightly grating, and Fuzzy, who's just an awesomely funny hillbilly creature. Him is just a dangerous guy altogether despite his tranny-devil appearance. As for Princess, she's a spoiled-rotten, whiny, arrogant little cretin and by far my least favorite character in the show.

    As for the show. It seems like a little kids show if first looked at, yet it got pretty violent at times too. Hell there's blood in a good majority of the episodes. But that isn't bad, just be warned if you're a little kid. Most of the cartoon has good episodes, but there were also some episodes that weren't good. Powerpuff Girls also had a movie about the girls creation that came out in theaters, and it was pretty amazing. Considering how most tv cartoons that get a movie in theaters go, thats quite an accomplishment. They even made the last couple of seasons with the movie's art style.

    So apart from some bad episodes, this is a really good cartoon. I would recommend it over any of the stuff they show on Cartoon Network now.
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