The Powerpuff Girls - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Slumbering with the Enemy
    When the Girls decide to have an all-girl slumber party, a villain decides to crash it. To what lengths will this villain go to keep his identity hidden?
  • Something's a Ms.
    Episode 13.1
    Miss Bellum is acting very strangely lately. And she keeps showing up at crime scenes. Has our favorite secretary gone to the dark side, or is there another woman involved here?
  • Mojo Jonesin'
    Mojo Jonesin'
    Episode 12.2
    When the children of Pokey Oaks become envious of the Girls' superpowers, a mysterious figure offers them Chemical X. Now the girls must fight their own classmates who have powers equal to their own.
  • Speed Demon
    Episode 12.1
    The girls end up in an alternative future where fifty years have passed. Townsville has been completely destroyed and its residents are now lifeless zombies because Him has taken over in their absence.
  • Cover Up
    Cover Up
    Episode 11.2
    Blossom and Bubbles learn that Buttercup has secretly been rubbing a security blanket before every battle to make herself a super fighter. Can the Girls convince Buttercup that her strength is within?
  • Twisted Sister
    Episode 11.1
    The Girls decide they need some help fighting crime, so they create another Powerpuff Girl. But they don't get the combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice quite right.
  • Just Desserts
    Just Desserts
    Episode 10.2
    Harold Smith, from the episode "Supper Villain", has served his period of imprisonment and is released. The Smiths from next door agree to take revenge on the Powerpuff Girls for ruining their dinner and putting Harold in jail.
  • Cootie Gras
    Cootie Gras
    Episode 9.2
    Mojo observes that everyone is staying away from little Harry Pitt because he has "cooties." Even the Girls! So Mojo concocts a plan to keep the Girls away by using this cootie-covered boy as bait.
  • Pet Feud
    Episode 8.2
    The Professor creates the perfect little pet. But there's only one catch: he can only be fed once a day. When the Girls each feed him, they find that their sweet little friend has become a wild beast!
  • Daylight Savings
    Daylight Savings
    Episode 7.2
    The Powerpuff Girls are exhausted in school from saving Townsville past their bedtime. What happens to their town when the Girls are put on a curfew?
  • 11/26/99
    When the Professor wants an expensive gift for Father's Day, Blossom makes the mistake of taking what she can't afford instead of giving from the heart.
  • Los Dos Mojos
    Los Dos Mojos
    Episode 6.2
    Bubbles gets hit on the head by Mojo. She wakes up, gets amnesia, and starts to think that she is Mojo Jojo.
  • Slave the Day
    Episode 6.1
    Big Billy from the Gangreen Gang gets saved from the train tracks by the Powerpuff Girls. Now he becomes their slave for life.
  • You Snooze, You Lose
    You Snooze, You Lose
    Episode 5.2
    When the Amoeba Boys find Mojo's plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, the Girls unwittingly help them build a machine for their own destruction.
  • Dream Scheme
    Episode 5.1
    The Sandman would like a little rest, so he puts the world to sleep. The Girls must battle him in his dreams to get things back to normal.
  • Down 'n' Dirty
    Down 'n' Dirty
    Episode 4.2
    When Buttercup refuses to take a bath, the town kicks her out. But Buttercup decides to stick with her stink until her favorite thing is taken from her.
  • Too Pooped to Puff
    Too Pooped to Puff
    Episode 3.2
    The Girls become exhausted when the town begins to overuse them. They go on strike and end up teaching the townspeople how to fend for themselves.
  • Supper Villain
    Supper Villain
    Episode 2.2
    The Girls' neighbor reveals that he's not exactly the nice guy next door. But how will they capture him during a seemingly innocent dinner party?
  • Collect Her
    Episode 2.1
    A fan of the Powerpuff Girls has collected every bit of Powerpuff stuff available...almost. His collection will be complete with three more items.
  • Something's a Ms.: Ms. Bellum seduces the Mayor to get some time off, but when something seems a miss the Powerpuff Girls investigate the situation and find out that Ms. Bellum is Sedusa in disguise.

    Slumbering with the Enemy: The Powerpuff Girls throw a slumber party and invites every girl in their school to come. By the time they give their invitation out to the last girl, Mojo steals it and comes to the party dressed up as Mojesha.moreless

  • 6/2/00
    Speed Demon:
    The Girls get a long weekend to go to The Bahamas. After school, Buttercup starts a race home, only to have all three of them race 50 years into the future. With the Girls gone for so long, Him has taken over, and people have become angry at the Girls for not protecting them. Now, the Girls must travel back to their time.

    Mojo Jonesin':
    Four kids at Pokey Oaks really like the Powerpuff Girls and want their powers so much that they take Chemical X from Mojo, which soon wears off. The kids ask for more from Mojo, but now, Mojo asks them to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.moreless

  • Schoolhouse Rocked
    Schoolhouse Rocked
    Episode 1.2
    The Gangreen Gang, having never been to school, are found by an truant officer who forces them to go to the Girls' kindergarten.
  • Twisted Sister / Cover Up
    Twisted Sister: Too pooped out from fighting crime all the time, the Powerpuff Girls create a 4th Powerpuff Girl named Bunny. Bunny is good at fighting crime, except she doesn't know who's the bad or good guy, which causes confusion.Cover Up: The tough Buttercup's secret is revealed when her sisters learn that Buttercup's source of power is her little green blankie.moreless
  • The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day: A rainy day in Townsville becomes boring for the citizens of Townsville, so the Powerpuff Girls make the best out of a terrible rainy day.

    Just Desserts: Harold Smith finally gets parolled out of jail, and when he comes back to his adoring family, they end up hating the Powerpuff Girls just as much as he does. Equiped with all sorts of high tech weapons, the Smith's take their revenge out on the Utonium family.moreless

  • 3/17/00
    Imaginary Fiend: A new kid at Pokey Oaks named Mike Believe is very unpopular with his classmates, so he creates an imaginary friend for himself who turns out to be an imaginary fiend.

    Cootie Gras: Harry Pitt has the cooties and everyone in Pokey Oaks are avoiding him, including the Powerpuff Girls. Mojo sees this and uses it to his advantage.moreless

  • Mo Job / Pet Feud
    Mo Job / Pet Feud
    Episode 8
    Mo Job: Princess Morbucks hires Mojo Jojo to think up a brilliant plan to gain the Powerpuff's powers, and destroy the Powerpuff Girls along with it.

    Pet Feud: The Professor creates a pet for the girls that can only be fed with food once! Instead, each Powerpuff Girl feeds it once without telling each other, and their pet turns into a giant disaster.moreless

  • A Very Special Blossom: It's near Father's Day, and the Girls are doing everything that they can to make the Professor happy. What he really admires is a golf set worth $2,000, but he knows that it costs too much. Blossom, on the other hand, decides to do something with it so while they're stopping a crime, Blossom notices that the window to the golf set is broken, so she steals it and the Professor gets put in jail, but then Blossom takes the blame and is put in jail.

    Daylight Savings: After saving Townsville day and night, the Girls are always so exhausted from all the fighting that they fall asleep in school. Despite the fact that they're heroes, Ms. Keane tells the Professor to give them a curfew, banning the Girls from saving the day, until the Professor realizes that it's Daylight Savings Time, and all the clocks are set back.moreless

  • 10/8/99
    Slave the Day: Big Billy from the Gangreen Gang gets saved from the train tracks by the Powerpuff Girls. Now he becomes their slave for life.

    Los Dos Mojos: Bubbles gets hit on the head by Mojo. She wakes up, gets amnesia, and starts to think that she is Mojo Jojo.

  • 9/25/99
    Dream Scheme: Putting everyone in the world asleep can be a hard job and the Sandman has been wanting to get some sleep, so to make it easier, The Sandman puts the world to sleep forever. You Snooze, You Lose: Mojo Jojo creates the perfect plan to destroying The Powerpuff Girls ever, but because wind blew in from an open window, Mojo's plans fall into the Amoeba Boys' hands. When the Girls see the plan, they think that it is a scavenger hunt for a ride.moreless
  • 9/10/99
    Beat Your Greens: Alien broccoloids infect the broccoli of Townsville, and now it's up to all the kids in Townsville (including the Powerpuff Girls) to defeat them.

    Down 'n Dirty: Buttercup loves to fight monsters, but taking a bath gets in the way, so to continue fighting monsters, she dosen't take a bath for 3 days. Eventually, the monsters themselves don't like the smell of Buttercup, so she decides to finally take a bath.moreless

  • 8/20/99
    Birthday Bash: The Professor throws the girls a birthday party, but when every villain finds out about it, they try to ruin the party.

    Too Pooped to Puff: The citizens of Townsville take advantage of the Powerpuff Girls, and the girls go out on a strike.

  • 8/6/99
    Collect Her: Lenny Baxter is the ultimate fan of the Powerpuff Girls. His portable Blossom doll with laser-light eyes and realistic hair completes his extensive collection - almost. He decides to lure the Girls to his aprtment so he can shrink wrap them. The Professor hears the Girls call for help from far away and comes to the rescue. He finds Lenny's Achilles' heel, and tells the kids of Townsville to start opening packages (devaluing his collection and torturing Lenny). Lenny gives up and goes to jail.

    Supper Villain: Harold Smith lives an average suburban life, working in the mustard jar factory, but he's heading toward a mid-life crisis. When his wife, Maryanne, has the Professor and the Girls over for dinner post day-saving, Harold reveals his new villain costume, threatening to melt the Professor's head off his body with a ray gun - right after supper. Maryanneserves coconut cream pie for dessert, a food fight breaks out, the cops bust in and Harold goes to jail. Dinner is ruined, but the day is, again, saved.moreless

  • Stuck Up, Up, and Away: There's a new girl in town and she's really mean. Princess Morbucks wants to be a Powerpuff Girl, but when she's denied membership, she dons a gold suit and crown, pops a few supertricks up her sleeves and declares herself a PPG. Blossom drives it home -- "You just can't be a Powerpuff Girl, all right?"

    Schoolhouse Rocked: A truant officer picks up the Gangreen Gang at a local video game arcade and ships them off to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. The Girls try to warn Ms. Keane about their bad guy ways, but the teacher insists on enforcing the No-Fighting-in-Class rule. Forced to sit out during recess, the Girls leave their classmates at the mercy of the Gang. You know things are bad when they start playing dodgeball. But the Gang didn't count on a girl-powered round of the game, with Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles on the throwing end.moreless