The Powerpuff Girls

Season 6 Episode 11

See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • This is the episode seen as too controversial to air in the It's NOT bad, it's good!

    So for the first time, I have FINALLY gotten a chance to see this episode, as it was available on Netflix. It's amazing how this ENTIRE episode is able to have ALL the characters SING their lines and NOT speak! It's almost as if Craig McCracken and the rest of his crew actually PREDICTED "Total Drama World Tour" an estimated SEVEN whole years before it came out! The Gnome DOES seem like a Jack Black character, too bad Cartoon Network couldn't get him. At least Jess Harnell does a good job of parodying his talking/singing. I think Netflix DID take some precautions; it seems to me as though they SLOWED down the flashing footage, and also made the Gnome not have such a distractedly glittering outfit. Nice to know that the Powerpuff Girl's figured out the Gnome's evil lie, and were able to put the dastardly villain in his rightful place! If only this episode were available on DVD, that would be really cool! Until then, I'm glad I actually got to see this! :idea: Enough said! ;)
  • This deserves more respect from this site

    Well, okay, the overall score does kind of imply that this episode has more respect than these two reviews indicate, but yeah, of all the episodes to come from the series, this I think is one of the most brilliant. It carries with it a great message while tackling a very important subject matter that honestly I was wondering if the series would ever get into. What if there was no evil in the world? What if the girls were normal? What would the world be like? Would it be a good thing or will the world be worse off than it already was? And it handles this in a very subtle manner with very well-written, very well-composed and even very well-sung musical numbers, giving us not just a musical episode but an opera. Okay, to be fair, it does have a slower pace than most cartoon musical episodes do, but I think that makes it really stand out. I do have two gripes though. First one is kind of minor and it's that the episode feels a tad rushed, often segwaying from song to song without much of a break/buildup. This is minor because I've seen musicals more than an hour long do this, so I can forgive that. (Besides, this is technically an opera, so it can get away with that) The second complaint I have is actually a big one and it's that the ending number kind of contradicts the message the second-last number was trying to get across. Right after the girls clearly state that good cannot exist without evil, they then start singing about how everyone should get along. I dunno, maybe there's a hidden meaning to that. I mean, the episode did such a good job with subtlety up to this point, but it seems very self-contradictory to me right now. All in all, this is actually one of my favorite PPG episodes and if you can find a way to see it, do so. You might not like it, but it's at least worth checking out once.
  • Worst Episode Ever

    This is the worst episode ever. It's so boring, so I just turn off the TV.
  • The powerpuff girls are no match for the forces of evil who have backed them into a corner.

    I liked the songs in this one and i liked the voice of the gnome his singing vioce reminded me of jack black. And I liked his entrance and how he called on the mystic elders for help in order to help the girls wish come true.I hope this cartoon is brought to DVD. I liked the bargian that the girls made with the gnome. "if you want peace, give me your powers." And I liked how the Professor showed the girls that giving away your freewill was a great evil and the girls powers were revived and they stopped the gnome.