The Powerpuff Girls

Season 5 Episode 14

Silent Treatment / Sweet 'N Sour

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Apr 09, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Silent Treatment: The Professor tries to teach the Girls all about the history of silent movies and how they're much better than the movies of today by taking them to one. The Girls are quickly bored, but are forced to go into the movie to save the Professor who has been kidnapped by the villain.

Sweet 'N Sour: A new group of criminals, which is a group of cute little animals, robs Townsville blind. The Girls try to stop them, but because of their innocent looks, the animal criminals have the advantage. The Powerpuff Girls quickly, though, figure out a way to put an end to their crime streak.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • This is the second time the Girls were in a black-and-white environment. The first time was in "Mime For a Change".

      • In "Silent Treatment," as the Girls entered the movie, keep your eye on the mouse hole behind them, it's between Buttercup and Blossom. But after Buttercup speaks her silent title, it's at the end where Bubbles is, and so on it switches in some of the shots later.

      • In "Silent Treatment," when the Girls stack up to get to the payphone, Blossom seems to hop onto Bubbles' shoulders, but when the camera closes in on Blossom, she's standing on Bubbles' head.

      • In "Silent Treatment," when the Girls come out of the theater screen, Blossom says they got their color back, although they had color already while everything else was black/white.

      • In "Silent Treatment," when the police car picks up the girls to pursue Mr. Moustache, it passes so quickly that they have to form a chain in order to get onto it. Buttercup holds the rear of the car, with Bubbles behind her and Blossom at the end of the chain. However, when the police car turns, Blossom and Bubbles somehow switch positions in the chain, with the latter now at the end.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Professor Utonium: (To the Powerpuff Girls) Remember, Girls, silent movies is where movies come from.

      • (After escaping from the film)
        Blossom: Hey, we got our color back.
        Buttercup: And our voices, too.
        Bubbles: Lookie.

      • Buttercup: PUNCHBACK, I thought you were gone forever. (Hugs her Toy)

      • Blossom: Hello? Yes, Mayor, what's up? (Sighs) Okay, we'll be right there. (Countinues sighing) Another robbery at the bank. Come on.

      • Blossom: It's the same, same old, I tell you.
        Bubbles: Oh, little puppy, I love you. (Kisses puppy) And I love you. (Kisses kitten) and I ...(Looks at the ugly looking toy) ... think you're swell.
        Buttercup: (At the cuddly rabbit) Grrrr!
        Bubbles: Buttercup! Buttercup! Stop! You're hurting my babies! STOP!!!
        Buttercup: Geez, Bubbles, they're just stuffed animals.
        Bubbles: I don't care, they're cute and fuzzy, and I love them.

      • Max Van Nitrate: (As the Professor) Yes, Jeeves. Ah, yes, the popcorn. Thank you. Here you are, my dear.
        (Woman laughs)
        Max Van Nitrate: That will be all, Jeeves... I said, that will be all, Jeeves.
        Professor Utonium: (As Max Van Nitrate) But I want popcorn.
        (Audenice laughs)
        Professor Utonium: What's so funny?! STOP laughing!

      • Buttercup: (Acting like the Professor) Remember, Girls, it's where all movies came from.
        Blossom: No, they didn't. They came from cans. (Girls laugh)

      • Buttercup: But Professor, we like our films with color and sound.
        Blossom: Yeah, and car crashes.
        Bubbles: And explosions.
        Powerpuff Girls: AND IN A REALLY COOL THEATER!!!

    • NOTES (7)

      • The "fluffy bunch" might be considered exact counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls, due to the fact that the "fluffy bunch" and the Powerpuff Girls are all voiced by the same voice actresses!

      • The crimes the cute fluffy animals, or "the fluffy bunch," committed are: robbed a bank, robbed the jewel shop, robbed the museum, hot wired a car, and stole a baby's bottle right from the mother's hand.

      • Villain(s): Squeaky-voiced Star / Cute fuzzy animals.

      • Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the Gangreen Gang appeared in "Sweet 'N Sour," but have no lines.

      • The name of the silent film the Girls are watching is "For Once He Is Speechless."

      • Episode writer and cartoonist Bobby London appears in the theater audience, watching Max von Nitrate beam up into the projection booth.

      • Caricatures of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and the Keystone Cops appear in "Silent Treatment," as the Girls pursue Mr. Moustache, which is animated and scored in the style of '30s silent films.

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