The Powerpuff Girls

Season 4 Episode 9

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jul 03, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The Powerpuff Girls Movie
The movie opens up with the frustrated Professor Utonium gathering all the ingredients to make the perfect little girl -- sugar, spice, and everything nice. But when his lab assitant, a monkey named Jojo, causes the accidental addition of Chemical X to the mix, the Professor ends up with not one, but 3 perfect, powerful little girls. It soon becomes obvious that Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are not normal girls. They have superpowers that they have not yet learned to control. The Girls are treated like outcasts because they have inadvertently wrecked Townsville in a superpowered game of tag. To win the hearts of the people of Townsville, the Girls are tricked into making a deal with Mojo Jojo, who plans to take over Townsville. As they foil this threat and defeat an army of superpowered monkeys, the Powerpuff Girls learn that with great power comes great responsibility.moreless

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  • I really like the movie.

    Not many shows from cartoon network get their own movie in the theater. I really like it and I don't want to outgrow the show. It shows a great adventure of the Powerpuff Girls' adventure of their first battle to save the world and show how special they are even though they aren't normal little girls. I wonder why more CN movies can't be as good as this one. I think it is a cute movie. I also think it is a creative story of the Powerpuff Girls. I think the movie was pretty cool and I'm glad I watched it. That's all I have to say about the movie.moreless
Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

I.P. Host/Local Anchor

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Many Monkeys

Guest Star

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Ms. Bellum

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos/Hota Wata/Killa Drilla/Blah-Blah Blah-Blah

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Baboon Kaboom/Go-Go Patrol/Hacha Chacha

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When the Professor smashed the Chemical X bottle, it had stopped dripping before the intro, but when the Girls were opening their gifts, he looked at the bottle and it was continuing to drip.

    • When Ms. Keane was with the Professor at their recess talking, Ms. Keane's coat was black, then it turned orange again.

    • The Professor tucks in Bubbles and gives her Octi. As the Professor cleans up, Octi is clearly seen on the den floor.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Girls: Not so fast! Mojo Jojo!

    • Blah-Blah Blah-Blah: I, uh uh, Blah-Blah Blah-Blah, shall uh, create a sauce of chaos a-a-a-and stir up trouble with a destructive force known as uh-uh-uh-uh The Tormato.
      Mojo Jojo: Tormahto?
      Mayor: Tor-may-to.

    • Hacha Chacha: (Singing) My name is Hacha Chacha, and here is my spiel! A diabolical plan with lots of ap-peel! Spreading out bananas far and wide, and fixing up the folks for a slippery slide!

    • Buttercup: That jerk! (kicking the dust) That big, fat jerk! He'd dope us, he planned it all along, and we fell for it!

    • Mojo Jojo: Now, if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over! I have a world to rule! I have to seize control of an area and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking!

    • (Professor grabs Bubbles)
      Professor Utonium: Gotcha you, little bunny.
      (Grabs Buttercup)
      Buttercup: Help, I've been caught! Blossom, watch out!
      Bubbles: You're the sole survivor.
      Blossom: No way, Professor, can't catch me.
      Professor Utonium Oh, yes, I can, 'cause the game's over and it's your bedtime, now come up here so that we can catch you.
      (grabs Blossom and the girls laugh)

    • Bubbles: Oh, no, look, Mojo's got Blossom pinned down.
      Buttercup: I've got an idea, come on.

    • Blossom: Good job, Bubbles, but we really need to save...
      Woman: THE BABY!!!
      (baby is holding a bomb)
      Blossom: HOLY!!! (zooms down and saves the baby)
      Buttercup: Hey, what about...
      Woman: THE DOG!!!
      (Hotta Watta puts the dog underwater)
      Buttercup: WHOA!

    • Powerpuff Girls: NOT SO FAST... MOJO JOJO.
      Mojo Jojo: Urrr, look at the little heroes here to save their daddy.
      Professor Utonium: No, girls, save yourselves!

    • Blossom: Come on, girls, we got just one last monkey to get off our backs!

    • Blossom: Come on, girls! Let's put the end to this gorilla warfare!

    • (Buttercup screams)
      Buttercup: GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM, YOU DARN DIRTY APE!!!!! (brawls and punches the monkey hard)

    • Blossom: Buttercup, you're a genius!
      Buttercup: I am?
      Bubbles: She is?
      Blossom: Yeah, the only way to save the people, save the world, is to use our powers to...

    • Buttercup: Wow!
      Bubbles: That was amaz.. HEY! EWWW! Gross! CUT IT OUT!!!

    • Mayor: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

    • Powerpuff Girls: TAG! You're it, Professor!
      (all laughing)

    • Buttercup: Tag, you're both it!
      Blossom: HEY! We can't both be it.
      Bubbles: Tag.
      Blossom: WHAT?! I can't be it twice.
      Bubbles: Why not?
      Blossom: Okay, then, TAG! Now you both are it.
      Buttercup: TAG!
      Bubbles: TAG!
      Buttercup: Hey, no tag backs!
      Blossom: TAG!
      Bubbles: TAG!
      (all three repeat saying tag)

    • Professor: Okay, girls, time for school.
      Girls: What's school?

    • Buttercup: Somebody's mad.

    • Bubbles: Hmm, I think it's a little dark.
      Buttercup: Well, I like dark.
      Blossom: Some windows might be nice.

    • Buttercup: Hey, thanks!
      Blossom: Yes, Professor, thank you.
      Bubbles: This is the best gift ever... Dad. (Kisses Professor)
      Professor Utonium: Yes, it is.

    • Blossom: Hi.
      Professor Utonium: AHH!
      Blossom: What's your name?
      Professor Utonium: Oh, uh, name is, uh, Professor, Professor Utonium. Hello.
      Powerpuff Girls: (Together) Hello, Professor Utonium, it's very nice to meet you.

    • Mojo Jojo: How would you know how it feels? Because you're not a FREAK!!!
      Blossom: Because...
      (All three fly up in the air)
      Blossom: We're freaks, too...

    • Narrator: (At end of movie) And so, for the VERY FIRST TIME, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

    • Mojo Jojo: Aww... how cute. You tried to stop me.
      Bubbles: "Try," nothing!
      Blossom: Yeah! We will stop you!
      Buttercup: And who are you calling cute?!

    • Mojo Jojo: Yeah! Whooo! All right! I rock. I rock... so hard! For I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever! And I, Mojo Jojo, shall be... King of the Planet of the Apes!
      Ojo Tango: You shall be king? Preposterous!
      Mojo Jojo: What? How dare you?!
      Ojo Tango: For it is I, who is the one most suited to be ruler!
      Mojo Jojo: Those are my clothes!
      Ojo Tango: I, Ojo Tango, shall be simian supreme!
      Mojo Jojo: No Ojo, Mojo!
      Ojo Tango: As I unleash the offensive omnipotence of the oppressive ORANGUTANK!
      Rocko Socko: Hold on.
      Mojo Jojo: Oh, no.
      Rocko Socko: It is I, who shall get a grip on the situation! (Shows a pair of metal fists)
      Mojo Jojo: You'd better not!
      Rocko Socko: As I, Rocko Socko, seize control and rule!
      Mojo Jojo: Wait!
      Baboon Kaboom: I, Baboon Kaboom, with my Baboon-Bot will be the bomb! (Leaps into a large machine, complete with bomb-spewing buttocks)
      Mojo Jojo: Uh-oh.
      Baboon Kaboom: And if you don't like it... you can sniff my baboon butt bombs!
      Mojo Jojo: (Sarcastically) Ohh, that's classy.
      The Go-Go Patrol: Gangway, Gangway! For we, the Go-Go Patrol, brothers in arms are working to form a chain of command that will reach out and take hold of your world!
      Hota Wata: I, Hota Wota, am boiling mad. For you are all wet behind the ears. (Explodes) Therefore, I shall unleash a scouring torrent to dry you all out. For I don't give a...
      Mojo Jojo: Watch your mouth!
      Cha-Ching Cha-Ching: I, Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, symbolize chaotic calamity!
      The Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos: We, the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos, shall rain on your parade! Because... (Begins to hock loogies) ... we like to spit!
      Mojo Jojo: Eww...
      Hacha Chacha: (Singing) My name is Hacha Chacha, and here is my schpeel / A diabolical plan with lots of appeal! Spreading out bananas, out far and wide, / Fixin' up the folks for a slippery slide!
      Mayor: That's pretty catchy!
      Bla Bla Bla Bla: I.. uh.. Bla Bla Bla Bla, shall, uh, create a sauce of chaos and stir up trouble, with a destructive force know as... the tornado!
      Mojo Jojo: Tor-mah-to?
      Mayor: Tor-may-to. (Gets kicked by Mojo) Woo hoo!
      Drila Drila: I, Drila Drila...
      Bonzo Bango: I, Bonzo Bango...
      Rolo Ovo: I, Rolo Ovo...
      Cruncha Muncha: I, Cruncha Muncha...
      Wacko Sacko: I, Wacko Sacko...
      Pappy Whappy: I, Pappy Whappy...
      Many Monkeys: I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I!
      Mojo Jojo: Nooooo! Stop! Cease! Desist! Do not continue with the ramblings, for my ramblings are the ramblings to be obeyed. For I am the king, supreme leader, and all-around dictator. Don't you see? All you monkeys are my plan, so you plans are my plans because you are my plan and my plan was to make you! And I plan to rule the planet! Not to have my plans plan to stop me! I am your creator! I am your king! I am Mojo Jojo! Obey ME!

    • Newswoman: They are little freaks, aren't they?

    • Professor Utonium: Because of your directness and opening right up to me, I think I'll call you Blossom.
      Bubbles: Teehee!
      Professor Utonium: Well, aren't you all cute and bubbly? That's it! You'll be my little Bubbles!

    • Professor Utonium: So, we have Blossom, Bubbles, and, uh... Buttercup... because.. it also begins with a "B"!

    • Mayor: The worst part, oh yes, the pickle cart! It was horrible! Rotten Powerpuff Girls!
      Powerpuff Girls: HEY!
      Mayor: And that's me doing my impression, if Mojo Jojo were mayor.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Jimmy Durante
      The monkey Hacha Chacha is based on the actor and comedian Jimmy Durante, with his big nose and his line 'Ha Cha Cha'.

    • Genesis - Keep It Dark (music video)
      The girls do a see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Similar to the Genesis 1981 music video 'Keep It Dark', from their album 'Abacab'. Bubbles see no evil (Phil Collins), Buttercup hear no evil (Tony Banks) and Blossom speak no evil (Mike Rutherford).

    • King Kong
      When Mojo Jojo turns himself into a giant monkey, and proceeds to grab the girls and climb the tallest building in the City of Townsville, this is an allusion to the 1931 movie, King Kong and its remakes.