The Powerpuff Girls

Season 6 Episode 12

The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Jan 19, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • A great tribute to a great cartoon show that reminds us why this show was so great, and why it will continue to be great for future generations of children who love action/adventure shows. :idea:

    It sounds really weird for me to say this, but I have never actually written a review for an episode of this show before. I've watched, loved, and enjoyed many episodes of this mostly well-written cartoon series, but so far, everything that I thought about other episodes of this cartoon series had been written by someone else. But for the first time, I've got something to say that no one else has said about this episode. When it comes to action and adventure, nobody could beat "The Powerpuff Girls." When it comes to comedy and female empowerment, nobody could beat "The Powerpuff Girls." And when it came to good writing, superb anime-inspired animation, interesting heroes and villains that many people the world over could identify and sometimes empathize/sympathize with, nobody could beat "The Powerpuff Girls." This cartoon show is what really put Cartoon Network on the map, and proved to everyone that this upstart network was a force that would not be denied, and was here to stay for the long haul, bringing cartoon lovers the best of all worlds under the sun. Cartoon Network has had more than its fair share of hit shows since "The Powerpuff Girls," but this show was the first show to make such a big impact at such an important time with so many messages as it did. Thanks in a big part to "The Powerpuff Girls," Cartoon Network has enjoyed 10 long years of fruitful creativity and prosperity that hasn't diminished, and hasn't lost any of its importance. And this episode special was an excellent chance to remind anyone who had forgotten their message, just why "The Powerpuff Girls" got so big to begin with. It wasn't just because of the action and adventure, it wasn't just about comedy and female empowerment (and I'm writing this as a guy,) and it wasn't just about good writing, superb anime-inspired animation, interesting heroes and/or villains, it was about all those things wrapped up into one fusion-packed package of awesomeness that many people liked and many people enjoyed. That is why I loved this show! ;)
  • A great 10th Anniversary special that will surely never be forgotten.

    I watched this episode yesterday on my Tivo and I really liked it. This definetely in my mind is an anniversary that I will never forget. I have seen every Powerpuff Girl episode since 1995. Ok, this episode is when the so called "Key to the World" comes to Townsville. Every villian that the Powerpuff Girls have ever fought come to Townsville to try to steal the key from the Mayor so they can rule the world. The Powerpuff Girls have to stop these villians from getting the key, so that the world would be safe from evil. Mojo Jojo has terrible luck *lol*. There was lots of humor in this episode, although I think Craig may have given them too much sugar because they were sooo hyper active. It was funny though :). It was funny when Bubbles had her take on ruling the world: "Free Puppies!!!" I was laughing! In the end though, Mojo Jojo got the key, and made the world a better place, or did he? During the last minute of the episode, Mojo Jojo turns evil again and The Powerpuff Girls do what they always do to him, which is KICK HIS BUTT! Anyway, it was awesome to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup on Cartoon Network aftr 3 years :). I hope that more of these classics come back to Cartoon Network. Overall, exciting 10th Anniversary special, lots of humor, free puppies, Mojo Jojo having bad luck, an episode that will certainly never be forgotten, and the triumphant return of Th Powerpuff Girls. Instead of residing on Boomerang, PLEASE come back to your real home: Cartoon Network Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup!
  • Craig McCraken's revisiting of The Powerpuff Girls brings back many memories, but fails to bring back the charm that made us fall in love with it.

    It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since three superpowered girls first showed up on our television sets. Indeed, this is exactly what fans of "The Powerpuff Girls," both die-hard and casual alike, feel as we watch "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!", a revisiting of the series from yesteryear. Since it went off the air, fans have been begging for new episodes, even after experiencing the lackluster episodes from the later seasons. Indeed, the series remains extremely popular today, with magnificent fan art appearing all over the web, and a popular reimagining of the series in Japan guaranteeing that the girls will never be forgotten.

    With the voice actors reunited and a new animation technique applied, series creator Craig McCraken set out to revisit the show for its 10th anniversary. Cartoon Network, not forgetting a show that attracted so many viewers, ran a full day marathon for the fans, counting down the top ten worst villians and even showing us Craig's top 10 episodes. Our hearts filled with nostalgia, it is only natural that some people were disappointed by the new episode at the end of it all. The plot of the episode is rather absurd, though this isn't much of a drastic shift in tone, as episodes in the past have ranged from broccoli aliens to evil cockroaches. In this, the key to the world has been misplaced, and the villians of Townsville are tearing the city apart to try and find it, leaving the Powerpuff Girls to find it before anyone else does. While they may be fighting against the sinister Mojo Jojo and countless other villians from almost every one of their 78 episodes, the greatest threat to the girls is you, the viewer, and your expectations.

    The pacing of the episode is fast and frantic, barely stopping to take a breather. Even with 44 minutes worth of dialogue packed into a 22-minute-long episode, many of the jokes miss their marks. Craig McCraken himself admitted that he during the development of "The Powerpuff Girls Movie," he lost sight of how "silly" the show was, and as such, "fully embraced silliness and enjoyed being funny at all costs" for this project. While this may seem like a good thing, McCracken seems too caught up in the "silliness" and neglects the more serious undertones that the early episodes carried. Looking back, the mature themes were what drew me to the series as a child and continues to bring me back to this day.

    I also found that though the visuals were sharp, the animation was of poor quality. Maybe it's the years of being spoiled by classic cartoons and anime, but I have always found Flash-animated shows to be rather cheap. I think it's okay to use Adobe Flash when creating something like a website or internet cartoon, but unless a definite artistry is implemented, such as with "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" and "6teen", then the end result ends up flat. Though McCraken himself said in an interview that he wanted the show to look "the way it was always supposed to look," he seems to have overlooked the harsh critisisms George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have gotten from revisiting their old franchises.

    However, putting these critiques aside, "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!" is a solid episode that any die-hard fan of the show will enjoy, as well as getting casual viewers to buy the 10th anniversary box set to experience the magic all over again. An episode that can clearly be defined as "love it or hate it." I myself breathed a heavy sigh of disappointment at the end credits, remembering better days.
  • Take a bow PPG

    This episode was a great way to end one of the greatest animated shows I've ever watched (over the past couple of years).
  • The Powerpuff Girls must get the 'Key to the World' before it lands into the wrong hands

    This has to be the worst episode ever!

    The story is fair, I guess, but why convert to Flash Animation? It looks fake. The entire episode,mediocre! In my personal opinion, the premeire could've done WAY better if it would have stayed with it's original animation. Has Craig McCraken forgotten the classic method? Yeah, sure, he probably wanted to try something new, yeah ok, I heard it all before, but this was a major down step for a PowerPuff comeback.

    But, even so, I'll have to grant the humor and story two thumbs up! It's like the writers have developed a whole new position of comedy! Bravo!

    I end this reveiw with this episode landing a 65/100.

    McCracken, you could've done better........ *The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! averages: Mediocre