The Powerpuff Girls

Season 5 Episode 1

'Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM Oct 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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'Twas The Fight Before Christmas
Join Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup for holiday fun as only the Powerpuff Girls can deliver in the all-new, direct-to-video release. There's a new Powerpuff Girl in town...or so she'd have you think! Her fiendishly foul plot: to trick Santa into turning her into the fourth Powerpuff Girl! (And, in the process, make him believe the Powerpuffs have been very, very naughty!) Now, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup must explode into a Yuletide tornado of bad-girl-thwarting action to put Princess in her place -- and keep Christmas from disappearing forever!moreless

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  • i am sorry i insulted craig like a criminal. this is the bestest christmas episode ever in the world.

    this episode is a very great plot because of the coal that santa claus gave them ( actually, morbucks did this by purpose), and full of references of christmas since jesus was born on christmas day. happy holidays to those girls who loved us people in the cartoon universe. i forgive craig mccracken for a bad, disruptive post again. i'm sorry but i can't help this posting a bad review for myself. i forgive this episode about the presents the children get for being good, and the coal they deserve when they're bad. rock on, powerpuff homie gees, yeah sir.moreless
Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Princess Morbucks/Little Girl

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Elf #1/Little Boy

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Driver/Servant/Elf #2

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • At the beginning, the girls are in school on Christmas Eve. Who has school on Christmas Eve?

    • When Blossom was about to fly through a pile of snow, her legs were bare.

    • In this one-hour episode, 5 episodes were mentioned in this episode by The Powerpuff Girls of why Princess is naughty:

      1) You bought the city and legalize crime! ("Bought and Scold")
      2) You hired Mojo to destroy us! ("Mo Job")
      3) You gave us a bomb for our birthday! ("Birthday Bash")
      4) You teamed up with three felons and went on a crime spree! ("Meet The Beat-Alls")
      5) You tricked our friend Robin into stealing and then tattled on her! ("Superfriends")

    • When the girls did their "ho, ho, ho" quote, listen to when Blossom says her "Ho" line. You can hear that it is Buttercup's voice.

    • Just as the girls flew up the chimney, they were in their nightgowns, but when they got out, they are in their regular clothes.

    • When Santa Claus backs up and hits the tree, all the balls fall down except two, but every time the scene flashes back to Santa Claus, you see a lot more than two balls.

    • Shouldn't Blossom just swerve to avoid hitting the tree during her and Princess' chase?

    • When the Girls go back to bed after delivering all the presents, Bubbles and Buttercup are on the wrong sides of the bed, with Bubbles under the green sheet and Buttercup under the blue sheet.

    • When Santa takes away Princess' powers, she wouldn't have slowed down in mid-air before falling. Instead, she would keep moving forward with her momentum as she fell.

    • If the driver and chef are fine with lying to Princess about other things, how come they couldn't lie and say that they didn't consider her naughty?

    • If Santa "sees you when you're sleeping" and "knows when you're awake" in this special like he is supposed to, then how come he couldn't tell that all of the "naughty" kids were actually nice?

    • The Narrator also claims that the world will see Christmas' demise on this day. However, Christmas is not celebrated because of presents, so this is not true.

    • The Narrator claims that Princess is the "sole one aware there is something to dread." However, because he is a valid character of the show, there are actually two who are aware.

    • "X-Mas" is misspelled as "X-Mass" on the Utoniums' Christmas box.

    • The only person on the Naughty list is Princess here. Because only children are given presents by Santa Claus in most movies, it isn't a goof that Him and other villains weren't on the Naughty list. But how come the Gangreen Gang aren't on the Naughty list? As far as Mojo goes, he can be on the Nice list because he saved the world numerous times.

    • Why would Buttercup need a BB gun when she has laser vision?

    • In the second shot of the Powerpuff Girls with Princess, Princess isn't moving her mouth when she explains why the Girls were given coal by Santa Claus.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • (Bubbles pours out the coal from a stocking, Blossom and Buttercup gasped)
      Bubbles: See?
      Blossom: This can't be right.
      Buttercup: Uh, yeah.
      Bubbles: It... it was a mistake, he probably never checked the list twice like he was supposed to.

    • (Princess jumps in front of Buttercup and slaps her)
      Buttercup: OW! Quit it! (Slaps her again) OW! Quit it! (and again) OW! Quit it!
      (Buttercup gets annoyed with Princess as she jumps on her back, she kicks her far ahead of the girls)
      Princess: Thanks, Einstein!
      (Buttercup looks amused about what she's done, Blossom and Bubbles grab her)
      Blossom: Good job, Buttercup.
      Bubbles: Yeah, nice one.
      Buttercup: Oh, shut up.

    • Buttercup: BUBBLES!!!!
      Blossom: She'll catch up, we can't let Princess get ahead of us.

    • Bubbles: Maybe you didn't read the list twice!
      Buttercup: Yeah, Princess is the naughtiest kid ever!
      Blossom: She must've snuck up here and change the list!
      Princess Morbucks: No, Santa, don't listen to them, they're just jealous 'cause they got coal!
      (girls look at her furiously)

    • Princess Morbucks: (snow splats on her face) Stupid snow! (window slams on her) STUPID FLOOR!!!

    • Princess Morbucks: (screaming) You can't do that! I'm telling my daddy!!!

    • Princess Morbucks: Ha, who will ever want a stupid old BB gun?
      Powerpuff Girls: (gasps) Princess!
      Princess Morbucks: Besides, you'll shoot your eye out, since my daddy buys me anything I want, and there's one thing I want from Santa - to be a Powerpuff Girl!

    • Powerpuff Girls: IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!

    • Bubbles: (Tiredly) Professor, it's too early.
      Blossom: We'll open presents later.
      Buttercup: Go back to sleep.

    • Buttercup & Bubbles: (together) I win, I get to put the star on the tree!
      Blossom: I don't think so.
      Buttercup: Aw, man!
      Bubbles: No fair.

    • Blossom: Okay, on the count of three. (shows Buttercup) One. (shows Bubbles) Two.
      (then to all the girls) Three!

    • (comes out from the coal, spits out a piece of coal)
      Princess Morbucks: Naughty, huh? I'll show you who's naughty!

    • Princess Morbucks: WAIT! I need another pillow. (silence) FINE! I'll just go get it myself!

    • Blossom: The point, Princess, is you're gonna change your ways or else what you'll be getting from Santa is a... (Princess grows in boiling rage) ...big fat lump of coal in your stocking.

    • Narrator: Meanwhile, the three children we know are heading to bed, with thoughts of the morning and what lies ahead. The girls are fallen asleep, while their dad is downstairs... still working with the lights.

    • Blossom: You went through other children stockings?!
      Bubbles: No, I saw through the houses. Duh, x-ray vision!
      Blossom: Bubbles, you should know better.
      Buttercup: No wonder you got coal in your stocking.
      Bubbles: I already got coal in my stocking before I went through other KIDS' STOCKINGS!!!
      Buttercup: Oh, really? Then why don't me and Blossom have coal in our stockings?
      Bubbles: YOU DO!!
      (Blossom & Buttercup jump in shock)
      Blossom: Me?
      (Bubbles nods in agreement)
      Buttercup: You've got to be kidding me.
      (Bubbles shakes in disagreement)
      Blossom: Really?
      (Bubbles nods again)
      Blossom: Buttercup I could understand, but me?
      Buttercup: Hey!

    • (Blossom circling round the tree)
      Buttercup: What the heck?!
      Blossom: Santa hasn't even been here yet.
      Bubbles: Yuh-huh, I heard reindeer on the roof.
      Buttercup: Oh, yeah? Then where are all the presents?
      Bubbles: That's what I've been trying to tell you. THERE ARE NO PRESENTSSSS!!!
      Blossom & Buttercup: WHAT?!

    • Princess Morbucks: Nice. (Looks and strolls down the list, stops) Blossom? Bubbles? Buttercup? (continues reading the list until she suddenly stops) Mitch Mitchison?! You've gotta be kidding me. (Reads the last names on the list) Zachary Zimmerman... where's my name? UGH! HHHWWWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! (Throws list down into a nice pile)

    • Princess Morbucks: Now, if I were a big, fat, bearded oath, where would I keep that stupid list?

    • (The Powerpuffs and Princess are fighting, and Santa Claus walks up)
      Santa Claus: Ho ho ho ho! What's with all the crashing and the smashing, and the smashing and the crashing, huh?! I'm out delivering coal all night long! And I come home to the crashing-and-smashing gang?!
      Bubbles: But--
      Santa Claus: Nuh-uh! NO BUTS!! I ain't listenin' to no buts from some no-good naughty kids. And no no-good naughty kids are gonna tell me what's what! 'Cause guess what? ANSWER ME!!
      Blossom: Uh...

    • Santa Claus: LIIIIIIIIIIIST, SCHMIST!!! I don't need no stinkin' list tellin' me who's naughty and who's nice! You know why?! 'Cause I'M Santa Claus! CHECK IT! Princess... (Grabbing Princess by her ear) ... you have gone and worked my LAAAAAST NERVE!!!
      Princess Morbucks: Ow, ow, ow, ow...

    • Princess Morbucks: How'd you like my stocking stuffer? (gets nailed with a snowball)
      Buttercup: Stuff that! (to other girls) I can't believe that worked.

    • Professor Utonium: Every year, it's the same darn thing. I can make three little kids out of seasoning, but I can't get these lights to work!

    • Buttercup: This is so wrong!
      Blossom: How can Santa believe that Princess is nice?
      Bubbles: Excuse me! How could Santa believe that I am naughty?!
      Buttercup: 'Cause you snooped on other people's presents.
      Bubbles: (Glares) Look, I already told you, I only looked 'cause we didn't have any presents, so I wanted to see if any other kids had any presents.

    • Princess Morbucks: (About Santa) Who does that blimp think he is, denying me presents?

    • Princess Morbucks: Nanny!
      Nanny: Yes, sweetheart?
      Princess Morbucks: Am I naughty?
      Nanny: Time for bed! Lights out. (Leaves)

    • Princess Morbucks: Servant, tell me. Do you think that I'm naughty?
      (Long pause)
      Princess Morbucks: Well?!
      Servant: I, uh... I think my, uh... my biscuits are burning. (Leaves quickly)

    • Bubbles: Santa has his own list... and he checks it twice. He knows who's naughty and who's nice.
      Princess Morbucks: So?
      Bubbles: Duh! You're naughty.
      Princess Morbucks: (Gasps) Nuh-uh!
      Blossom: Yuh-huh.
      Princess Morbucks: Nuh-uh!
      Buttercup: Yuh-huh.
      Princess Morbucks: Nuh-uh!
      Bubbles: Yuh-huh!
      Princess Morbucks: Prove it!
      Blossom: You bought the city and legalized crime.
      Buttercup: You hired Mojo to try and destroy us.
      Bubbles: You gave us a bomb for our birthday.
      Buttercup: You teamed up with 3 felons and went on a crime spree.
      Bubbles: You tricked our friend Robin into stealing, and then tattled on her.
      Blossom: You're a spoiled brat who's greedy and jealous, and you don't care who you step on to get what you want.
      Princess Morbucks: And your point is?

    • Buttercup: I'm busy.
      Blossom: Doing what?
      Buttercup: Writing my wish list for Santa.
      Bubbles: Are you crazy? You're only giving him two days to prepare? And that's even if he gets it on time.
      Buttercup: Oh, yeah? When did you send yours, smarty-pants?
      Bubbles: December 26.
      Buttercup: Ha! That's after Christmas.
      Bubbles: December 26, last year. (Sticks tongue out)

    • Princess Morbucks: And all these years, I thought all that coal in my stocking came from daddy's coal mine.

    • Princess Morbucks: Spoiled? Greedy? Bratty? Naughty? Naughty?! Driver, do you know what those rotten, awful Powerpuffs said to me today? They said I was naughty. Can you believe that?
      Driver: (Coughs) Yes. (Coughs)
      Princess Morbucks: Me? Naughty? I'm not naughty, am I?
      Driver: Well, uh, I'll... Oops! Seems my finger has slipped. (Raises dark screen in limo, separating both of them) Phew! That was close.
      (Telephone rings, driver answers)
      Princess Morbucks: (On phone) Well? You didn't answer my question!
      Driver: (Imitating static) You're... You're breaking up. I'm going through a tunnel. Talk... lat...
      Princess Morbucks: No, we're not. I'm in the car, you twit!

  • NOTES (9)


    • A Boy on the Naughty List: Bill McCracken
      This could possibly be an allusion to Craig McCracken, the artist and creator of The Powerpuff Girls.

    • Episode: The Nightmare Before Christmas
      This episode could be a reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas. A false delivery is sent to the good boys and girls throughout the world, a fight to defend Santa is processed, and order is restored at the last minute.

    • Buttercup & Princess: The BB gun bit.
      The specific gun Buttercup had on her Christmas list (a Red Raider carbine-action BB gun), and Princess' assertion that Buttercup would shoot her eye out, are both allusions from the classic movie A Christmas Story.

    • Narrator: The tangled web she weaved...
      A famous Shakespearean line. The exact line is "what a tangled web we weave, when first we only practice to deceive."