The Powerpuff Girls

Season 2 Episode 11

Twisted Sister / Cover Up

Aired Wednesday 2:30 PM May 26, 2000 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The Girls can stand up to super-powered villains, but not ordinary convicts from prison?

    • Bubbles files her "fingernails"?

    • Shouldn't the Powerpuff Girls be Bunny's parents since they created her?

      Reply: The episode is called Twisted Sister, which was also a band's name, so they kind of wanted to call Bunny that. Besides, only one of the Powerpuff Girls could be the mother, and the other two would be aunts, but they did not really decide on that.

  • Quotes

    • The narrator says, "For the first and final time" instead of his normal "And the day is saved" at the end of "Twisted Sister."

    • Blossom: Now that you're a Powerpuff Girl, you've got a lot of responsibilities. (Bunny looks around) Are you listening?
      Bunny: Uhhh...
      Blossom: Okay. It's your job to fly around, and keep Townsville safe from crime.
      Buttercup: And when you catch the bad guys, BAM! POW! You beat 'em up...
      Bubbles: ...and then throw 'em in jail.
      Girls: Understand?
      (Nodding response from Bunny)

    • Bunny: Bunny do good! Bunny do good!
      Buttercup: No, Bunny do bad! Very bad!
      Bunny: Wha-?
      Blossom: Yes, bad. You're supposed to stop crime, not help start it! I guess you're not cut out to be a Powerpuff Girl after all.
      Bunny: No Powawull?
      Girls: No.

    • (All three grinned nervousely)
      Buttercup: Someone say something.
      Bubbles: Hi, we're the Powerpuff Girls.

    • Buttercup: I am a good fighter, I am a good fighter.

    • Blossom: And you are??
      Giant: (Happily) Blaaaaoohhh!
      Blossom: Um that's a little hard to pronounce. How about?
      (Buttercup's looking up at the giant's teeth)
      Buttercup: Braces?! (Head-on view of the three)
      Blossom: (Irritated) Buttercup!

    • Blossom: The first thing we need is... sugar.
      Bubbles: I'll get it! (Dashes off)
      Blossom: Then spice.
      Buttercup: I'm on it!
      Blossom: Next you need --
      (Bubbles returns, holding a box marked "Sweet Powder")
      Bubbles: I couldn't find any sugar, but I did find artificial sweetener.
      Blossom: That's okay.
      (Bubbles dumps the powder in)
      Blossom: Next you need --
      (Buttercup returns, carrying a handful of lawn debris)
      Buttercup: I didn't know where to get spices, so I got dirt and twigs and stuff.
      Blossom: Well, that's kinda like spices. Put 'em in.
      (Buttercup tosses in her load)
      Blossom: Now, next you need everything nice!
      Girls: OH, BOY!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Twisted Sister: Name
      Twisted Sister was a popular band in the 1980s, a bit of a one-hit wonder.

    • How I Did It: Name
      The book that Blossom reads that gave the girls the info on how the Professor created the girls is entitled, "How I Did It." That's also the name of the book that Fredrick reads in the 1974 movie, Young Frankenstein, where he gets the info on how his grandfather made the monster.