The Powers of Matthew Star

Season 1 Episode 16

36 Hours

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1983 on NBC
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Episode Summary

36 Hours
Shuttle astronauts will burn upon re-entry unless Matthew and Walt can find a stolen landing device.

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    Scott Hylands

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    Col. Ezra Conlan

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    Penny Peyser

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • What happened to the rest of the house? We used to see our Quadrians in their kitchen, living room and bedroom often. Now, I think we've been scaled back to a generic room for throwing darts, watching bad Westerns and building houses of cards. Wait, I remember having a brown refrigerator growing up. What do you think the odds are . . . nah, I guess not. My mom never would have paid shipping from California to Georgia.

      • Matt, when you're being held prisoner, shouldn't you untie yourself before blasting open the door with telekinesis? What if there was someone waiting on the other side of the door, armed and ready to shoot? Unfortunately, you'd still be tied up and unable to escape, and worse, poor Walt would still be blindfolded.

      • In the second episode, "Accused," it is shown clearly that Matt can use telekinesis while blindfolded . . . he just doesn't do it well. Walt further goes to say in that episode to brag that Matthew's father was especially good at doing that. However . . . when blindfolded in this episode, Matt states matter-of-factly that he can't use his powers while blindfolded, with the tone of voice like it would be a joke to even try. Okay, I'm willing to give the people behind the show the benefit of the doubt for this oversight. So if all the original creators died, the writers all quit and moved on to new shows, the producers walked off, and there was a huge fire which burned all existing film of the first half of the season and the only VCR in Hollywood in 1983 was destroyed in an earthquake . . . then okay. We forgive you for not knowing better than taking the dumb way out and forcing us to watch Walt the rodent remove Matt's blindfold with his teeth instead of watching Matt experience an "aha" moment and live up to his potential.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • WALT (shaking head as he watches space shuttle on TV): "Primitive."
        MATT: "What?"
        WALT: "No star drive. No light year speed. Can't even make it to the moon."
        MATT: "That's what you said the first time you saw a Buick, too."
        WALT: "I'm sorry, Matthew, I'm trying to be tolerant, but the space shuttle can't even hold a candle to the Coldstar 500, proton drive, half light speed, antigravity feel."
        MATT: "Yeah, but how is it on gas mileage?"

      • (As Matt is going to place final card on his house of cards)
        WALT: "The gravitational force between two objects is proportional to its mass and not its weight." (after cards collapse) "Issac Newton."
        MATT: (after using his powers to reverse the collapse and right the house of cards) "What goes down, must go up. Matthew Star."

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