The Powers of Matthew Star

Season 1 Episode 13

Matthew Star: D.O.A.

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1983 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • (after magically converting a gutterball into a strike)
      Kerri: What kind of delivery do you call that?
      Matt: Unorthodox.

    • Matt: While you're out, see if you can get me a bumper sticker for my casket.
      Walt: Huh?
      Matt: One that says, "I'd rather be bowling."

    • (Laying on table, about to be embalmed)
      MATT: "This is going to hurt isn't it?"
      WALT: (after shocked embalmer collapses) "Why'd you do that for?"
      MATT: "Why'd you have to take so long?"
      WALT: "I was sneaking up on him. It takes time to sneak up on somebody."
      MATT: "Yeah, well, I'm sure that will be a big comfort to all my friends and loved ones."

    • (Discussion about meeting with General Wymore)
      MATT: "Why do we have to keep meeting in these weird places?"
      WALT: "It's his chance to be creative, Matthew."
      MATT: "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is not creative. It's weird."

  • Notes

    • A new theme song is introduced.

    • The series took a dramatic turn in tone and storyline beginning with this episode, with Matthew and Walt now working for the government and Major Wymore (James Karen was added to the cast), and the characters of Bob and Pamela disappearing. Originally intended to air 7:00 Sundays (before Peter Barton's on-set burn injury delayed the series premiere for a year), the initial 13 episodes based on that presumption were considered too juvenile for the 8:00 Friday timeslot it ended up receiving after the delay. Additionally, powers such as telepathy and clairvoyance, which made it tough for Matthew to be believably placed in any danger, were stripped away in the name of storytelling.

  • Allusions

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