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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Starr Knight

  • More than once, when they are replaying lines as a memory, such as when Max is revealing action figures from David's nightmare, and when David is racing upset through the city, the lines don't match up to the lines actually spoken and shot on film.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Swords and Quests

  • Steve could have been Matt's friend in this without being his "very first friend in Crestridge," which is incorrect. Matt could have gone because it sounded fun and he needed a break, not because he owed Steve anything.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: The Great Waldo Shepard

  • Why would Walt, who has sworn to protect and even die for his prince, put Matt's life in danger by putting him on the edge of a plane far above thr ground? Even though Matt has special powers, I still think he would go splat on the ground upon impact just like the rest of us, unless he discovers a new talent of teleporting on the way down.

  • We saw Matt take control of a plane and return it to the ground in the episode, "Triangle." He could have done it in the very first scene of this episode, and stopped the theft from happening! They could gotten back to their vacation without further interruption.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: The Quadrian Caper

  • Walt Shepherd and Matthew Star (who happen to be traveling under the professional criminal names of Walt Shepherd and Matthew Star[?]) were stopped by two bad guys with a gun in the bank vault, Deke and Donna. Tsk, tsk. You gave in, too easy, boys. You've already faced wicked intergalactic assassins. Now you're going to let a couple of two-bit hoods with an Earth weapon stop you? What happened to a little creative telekinesis and the Vulcan Nerve Pinch from the last episode?

  • General Wymore sadly tells Gary that if the diamonds are recovered, then Matt and Walt will take the rap for the bank job and will have to go to jail. Wait. Are we talking about the same alien prince and his keeper? The kid with telekinesis who was able to get out the police station cell in "Fugitives" faster than he was put in? That Matthew Star and Walt Shepherd? I'm going to have to think on this. It's making my head hurt.

  • When Matt and Walt go down to the white room, Walt is wearing a white shirt under a black jacket. However, when Matt comes back from his astral travel to find Walt unconscious from the heat, Walt is wearing a perspiration covered blue shirt. Theory: maybe it's a heat sensitive shirt that changes color? (grin)

  • Season 1 Episode 16: 36 Hours

  • What happened to the rest of the house? We used to see our Quadrians in their kitchen, living room and bedroom often. Now, I think we've been scaled back to a generic room for throwing darts, watching bad Westerns and building houses of cards. Wait, I remember having a brown refrigerator growing up. What do you think the odds are . . . nah, I guess not. My mom never would have paid shipping from California to Georgia.

  • Matt, when you're being held prisoner, shouldn't you untie yourself before blasting open the door with telekinesis? What if there was someone waiting on the other side of the door, armed and ready to shoot? Unfortunately, you'd still be tied up and unable to escape, and worse, poor Walt would still be blindfolded.

  • In the second episode, "Accused," it is shown clearly that Matt can use telekinesis while blindfolded . . . he just doesn't do it well. Walt further goes to say in that episode to brag that Matthew's father was especially good at doing that. However . . . when blindfolded in this episode, Matt states matter-of-factly that he can't use his powers while blindfolded, with the tone of voice like it would be a joke to even try. Okay, I'm willing to give the people behind the show the benefit of the doubt for this oversight. So if all the original creators died, the writers all quit and moved on to new shows, the producers walked off, and there was a huge fire which burned all existing film of the first half of the season and the only VCR in Hollywood in 1983 was destroyed in an earthquake . . . then okay. We forgive you for not knowing better than taking the dumb way out and forcing us to watch Walt the rodent remove Matt's blindfold with his teeth instead of watching Matt experience an "aha" moment and live up to his potential.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Dead Man's Hand

  • After Matt uses telekinesis to turn on the steam pipe, Walt says "I see you have a new power!" Okay . . . I'm confused. How does that seem new in any way?

  • Seeing Peter Barton in a tuxedo (which I rather like) reminds us that in the second half of the series, Matthew Star isn't acting or speaking like he's sixteen years-old anymore. In fact, those viewers who never saw the first half of the series would just assume Matthew Star is about 25!

  • Season 1 Episode 14: The Racer's Edge

  • When Matt is thrown into the pond, he has only water immediately around him. But when Caroline shows up a few seconds later, he's surrounded by lily pads.

  • When Matt transforms Cliff's cowboy hat into a baby bonnet, the bonnet is tied under his chin. However, just a shot later, the strings are untied.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Fugitives

  • Once the doctors finally get Walt to the thermomagnetic scanner, his chest doesn't actually seem to be under the scanner; just his head.

  • We know that Matthew was supposed to steal three drugs, but I haven't figured out how many containers he produces in the elevator and why it looks like he's only mixed two.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Mother

  • Now, I'm over nitpicking again. In "Prediction," Matt is able to see Becky's visions just by being nearby. In "Mother," Matt's mother is actually holding hands with her son when he has a vision of Walt in trouble, but she doesn't see it. Wouldn't she have seen it, too?

  • The searching for Walt in the mountains and calling out to him telepathically scene was the exact
    shot used in the previous episode, Endurance. It blended in fine (blue shirt was used in second
    half of episode), but we also see this shot in the opening theme.

  • Once again, the scene used in Matthew's vision isn't the one shown just seconds before. It's
    almost like they used an earlier "take" because it was convenient.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Winning

  • Matt finally makes the football team in this episode, but he'd actually already been shown on the team in episode three, "Daredevil."

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