The Powers That Be

NBC (ended 1993)


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  • I love The Powers That Be wish I could get a copy of all the shows. If anyone has one please contact me .

    I think it was one of the funniest shows made. It didnt have to be visually sexual or gorry to be a great show. They need to make more of them. It seems all the funny shows go off the air to soon. Please help me find a copy of all the episodes in this show.If anyone has one please contact me . My daughter and I spent many evenings watching this show and would love to see it again. They really make you laugh.I keep hoping they will make a dvd set of this like all the other old ones they have brought back.Ive even checked ebay for one.
  • The main reason I think The Powers that Be failed : Democrats can't seem to laugh at themselves.

    I've watched a few episodes of this show that I found on tapes my Mother had stored in the attic, and found this to be a reasonably funny show (I've found a number of quotable lines to submit from the two-part season premiere "A Chicken in Every Plot/Bill is Dead...Not!") But I think the reason it failed was that it ailenated every political group. Republicans probably saw Norman Lear's name and figured 'Why bother watching? Any Republican characters will be Archie Bunker clones'. Democrats probably sampled the show enough to encourage NBC to give it a second season, but seeing the main Democratic Senator character being more Forrest Gump than Forrest Sawyer with a wife more Nancy Reagan parody than Hillary Clinton, no doubt tuned out in droves. And there probably weren't enough Independents/Perot/McClain/Nader viewers to sustain it. And if you need proof that Democrats won't watch a show that makes fun of their own values, think to yourself... when was the last time you saw reruns of All in the Family in a regular timeslot as opposed to Maude reruns. I think TVLand ran Maude for about three months tops back in '99.
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