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This thought just occured to me re: The Practice

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    [1]Aug 22, 2009
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    Someone in a previous thread said that the reason the David E Kelley's programmes have a hard time getting onto dvd is because he uses a lot of popular music, well if this where the the case Boston Legal would NOT have been released within just 12 months of each season finishing surely if music was what was holding the practice back from being released then why was boston legal released in such a short time.

    So all this rubbish about music rights holding the series back is nonsense every other tv show dosen't seem to a problem when being released on dvd so why should the practice be any different.

    Fans of the practice should be given what they want, namely all 8 seasons of the practice on dvd.

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    Yeah I just don't buy the music BS either. It's money. They don't think the practice on dvd will sell enough since the only people who care about it any more are the hardcore fans. Boston Legal has enough causal fans that it made sense moneywise to push the release it.
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