The Practice

Season 7 Episode 20

Heroes and Villians

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

The firm is buzzing with the news that Bobby and Lindsay are splitting. Jamie gets a visit from a district attorney who is charging a man named Randall Pine of date rape. This is the man that date-raped Jamie years ago and they want her to testify. The only problem is Randall's attorney is Eugene. When he finds out, Eugene is upset but Jamie is determined to testify.

Lindsay is talking with Claire about her situation with Bobby when Stanley shows up. He's elated with the new development in his life; he's gotten a job as a substitute high school teacher. Claire and Lindsay are shocked. Stanley also asks about Helen and if she's feeling any better about her situation with Russell Bakey.

Eugene tries to get out of the trial with Randall but the judge won't allow him. Randall asserts that he didn't rape Jamie and wants to be sure Eugene won't hold back on her under cross examination.

Claire has annonymously called the school board and finds out that new teachers do not get investigated, and moreover an arrest for murder wouldn't necessarily keep them from getting hired, only a conviction. Lindsay decides to report Stanley to the school board.

During the rape trial, the victim testifies that she was slipped the date rap drug by Randall but is foggy on the details because of being drugged.

Stanley once again visits Lindsay. He's been fired from his teaching job and feels betrayed and hurt. He tells Lindsay that she was the one that made him believe in goodness again; she was all he had and now has nothing.

Jamie finds out that Eugene has been investigating her and is outraged. Because she's a witness and not the victim for the trial, the rape shield laws do not apply to her and Eugene is free to go after her with all he's found out and is ethically obligated to do so. He begs Jamie not to testify so he won't have to.

Lindsay visits Helen and asks if she's been bothered by Russell Bakey latey. When Helen says he hasn't, she asks Helen to check on him to "see if he's still alive". Stanley's ominous suggestions have concerned her and she thinks he may have killed Bakey.

When the police to to Bakey's house, the smell confirms their suspicions. They find him floating in his bathtub. Helen goes to Lindsay to find out who did it. Lindsay breaks attorney/client privilege and not only gives Stanley's name and past crimes, but also hands over his file. Helen doesn't want it, telling Lindsay it will come back to bite her, but Lindsay insists. Claire tells Lindsay she's just ended her career.

Eugene sits down to talk with Jamie about what's he has on her; she's slept with many men on the first date and has even taken the date rape drug willingly in the past. There was even one man she had sex with after knowing him for just a half an hour on a ferris wheel. Eugene again pleads with Jamie not to take the stand.

Jamie tells the D.A. what might happen, but she feels the case can't be won without Jamie's testimony. Jamie agrees to testify.

Stanley's arrest is being contested in court since Lindsay broke privilege. Helen argues that Lindsay was acting as a private citizen and reported the possibility of danger. The judge takes the situation under advisement.

On the stand Jamie tells of the evening she was raped by Randall. Eugene starts to cross Jamie about her recollection of that evening. Jamie remains adamant that the sex was not consentual. After a slight pause, Eugene says he has nothing further.

The judge is back in Stanley's case; public policy is paramount and since there was no specific danger of Stanley causing harm all of the evidence in the case are suppressed. The case against him is dismissed. Far from being happy, Stanley still feels betrayed and confronts Lindsay in courtroom. She tells him to get some help and leaves.

Bobby visits Sarah, the woman he was caught kissing. She questions why he would show up knowing the damage that's been done. Doesn't he want to make things work in his marriage? He avoids her questions and finally admits he missed her.

When Lindsay goes to the office, Stanley is there waiting for her. He says this will be his last visit after he has his say. He viewed Lindsay as the guardian angel out of the evil world he was trapped in, but she turned against him. He wants Lindsay to know that his friendship with her was sane, real, legitimate and good and represented a part of him that wasn't insane or evil. It was good. He then leaves.

After closing arguments, the judge takes Eugene into chambers and accuses him of tanking the case. She asked why he didn't go after Jamie and he tells her it was strategic. The judge scoffs at that since she's seen him go after rape victims in the past, and here Jamie wasn't even the victim--she was a witness. Without proof, the judge can't do anything but tells Eugene she's disappointed in him.

Lindsay is called to the coroner's office--Stanley shot himself in the chest in fron of the police station and is dead. She identifies the body and asks what will be done with him. Since he didn't have family or money Public Welfare plans to bury him somewhere. Lindsay insists he get a funeral.

The verdict in the rape trial is in--Randall pine is found guilty. Eugene announces they will appeal. Back at the office Jamie approaches Eugene to thank him for holding back against her. He tells her he did it to help his client, not her. When she tries again to thank him he stops her and asks her to leave.

The episode ends with Stanley's funeral--Lindsay is the only attendant. We also see a shot of Bobby and Sarah in bed together.
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