The Practice

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 1997 on ABC
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Pilot episode: Bobby defends Rachel Reynolds, a young woman facing drug charges, and Ellenor second chairs. Bobby is stressed because it looks bad for Reynolds, as she is not a drug dealer, but was trying to cover for her brother. Lindsay represents Emerson Ray, who is suing a tobacco company in a wrongful death suit. Lindsay is surprised that her favorite law professor, Anderson Pearson, represents the defense. Eugene represents “Free Willy”, a man who has a problem with exposing himself in public.moreless

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  • Un episodio que sabe de que va esto

    No es difícil pensar que una serie como The Practice apenas tiene espacio propio para la personalidad, y que por tanto su Piloto es un episodio más, sin demasiado carisma. Quizá no se equivoque pero lo cierto es que en este primer capítulo de The Practice se esconde no poco de lo que realmente va esta serie. No hay crímenes, ni sordidez, ni siquiera demasiada desesperanza, pero en la historia de la chica falsamente acusada y sobre todo en la podigiosa defensa que Bobby Donnell efectúa al final se oculta la filosofía de una serie que antes que nada se cuestiona eso que todos llamamos "el sistema"

    It is not difficult to think that a series like The Practice scarcely has own space for the personality, and that therefore it Pilot is one more episode, without too much charisma. Probably do not be wrong but the certain thing is that in this The Practice's first chapter he(she) hides not little what really goes this series. There are crimes, not sordidez, not even too many hopelessness, but in the history of the falsely marked girl and especially in the magnificent defense that Bobby Donnell effects ultimately the philosophy of a series hides itself that before that nothing questions it that we we all are called " the system "moreless
  • I would hire this firm.

    As far as pilots go, this particular one does the most justice to the run of the series more than most do. We see many characteristics of characters, and the firm itself that continue throughout the run of the series.

    For starters: the fact that the firm is always fighting an uphill battle. In the pilot, we have two uphill battles. Rachel Reynolds being innocent of drug trafficking, but has very damning evidence against her. Emerson Ray vs. the giant tobacco industry. The first one is a one-story episode. The second one is the first major story arc that will follow throughout the six series of season one.

    Another characteristic is the passion that Bobby Donnell and his associates have over their job. That is reflected in quotes by Bobby, "You think it's tough defending the guilty? Try defending the innocent." and "If I don't give the closing of my life tomorrow, then a 17 year old girl loses hers."

    They also show the do-anything-we-can to win and fight for our client attitude and refuse to back down to intimidation. When asked if the firm had a secret strategy, Eugene replies, "We cheat." and "Then there's the smell. The jury takes a whiff of this, a whiff of that, gets kind of a hunch for the truth. They're going to smell your client, smell ours, smell you, smell me. Kind of scratch and sniff litigation."

    Helen Hunt plays the judge in the Rachel Reynolds case. She turns out to be the best judge in the series. She shows the integrity and fairness that should be shown in a judge. She's tough, and does not back down to badgering by lawyers. She often replies back, "That's why I wear the robe". Her handling of cases and judges is often comical, and Hunt is a small woman, but appears to be a large force in the courtroom. Whenever she is on the bench, we know it is her courtroom. Robert Donnell owns the firm, a weathered and experienced lawyers who is barely keeping his firm afloat. Working for him are Eugene Young, Ellenor Frutt, Lindsay Dole and Rebecca Washington. The first two are also weathered, experienced lawyers that are fighting to help keep the firm going. Lindsay is new to the law game, and gets to sharpen her teeth on the Emerson Ray case. Rebecca Washington is the Receptionist and clerk who has worked with Bobby since he first opened the firm.

    The Emerson Ray case features the very talented Edward Hermann. He is counsel for the giant tobacco firm. He will be featured in two story lines down the road.

    The episode reaches an emotional and suspenseful ending when we find out the fate of Miss Rachel. It's the moment of victory in this scene that helps you get addicted early in this show. It was a great start, for a great series.moreless
Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend

Rachel Reynolds

Guest Star

Virginia Capers

Virginia Capers

Virginia Reynolds

Guest Star

James Handy

James Handy

Lieutenant Paul Stewart

Guest Star

Kate Burton

Kate Burton

Susan Alexander

Recurring Role

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Anderson Pearson

Recurring Role

Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt

Judge Hiller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode does not start out with the theme song with credits. Instead, it starts off with a black screen, starts showing the credits and jumps right into the first scene.

    • The opening credits go like this:

      Dylan McDermott as Bobby Donnell
      Michael Badalucco as Jimmy Berluti
      Camryn Manheim Ellenor Frutt Kelli Williams as Lindsay Dole Steve Harris as Eugene Young Lisa Gay Hamilton as Rebecca Washington

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Bobby: You think it's tough defending the guilty, Lindsay? Try the innocent. It's terrifying.

    • Bobby: If I don't give the closing of my life tomorrow, a 17-year old girl loses hers.

    • Pearson: You have some secret strategy unknown to any other law firm in the world?
      Eugene: We cheat.

    • Eugene: Then there's the smell.
      Pearson: Beg pardon?
      Eugene: Well, the jury takes a whiff of this, a whiff of that, gets kind of a hunch for the truth. They're going to smell your client, smell ours, smell you, smell me. Kind of like scratch and sniff litigation.

    • (Eugene walks through the jail as inmates yell at him.)
      Eugene: Quiet down, quiet down! (They fall silent) Just out of curiosity...anybody here that didn't do it?
      (All of the inmates yell in the affirmative.)
      Eugene: I'm shocked.

    • Pearson: That wasn't a negotiation, it's a gift. I was throwing you a bone.
      Lindsey: It's just that, um...well...I was looking for a bigger bone.

  • NOTES (1)