The Practice

Season 2 Episode 12

Race with the Devil

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 1997 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Father Patrick: Well, this is quite a day. First I kill somebody, then I lie. What a wonderful priest I am.

    • Jimmy: Ellenor, tell them this is something that's done. Lawyers can't be too proud these days.
      Ellenor: I don't believe in lawyers advertising, Jimmy.
      Jimmy: You advertised for a date.
      Ellenor: Yeah, well, I don't believe in that anymore, either.

    • Eugene: Dr. Walsh, though I represent Mr. Parks I will give you a free tip: if this ever ends up in court you don't want to be saying things like you hope to find a big, green tumor the size of a softball.

  • Notes

    • STAR TREK ALERT: John DeLancie, who played the character Q in The Next Generation, plays the doctor who has the firm's patient with the camera up his rectum.

    • This is the second episode of The Practice where Paul McCrane (Martin Parks) and Barry Miller (Douglas Colson) guest starred together. Both actors were in the movie Fame together.

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