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  • The Practice was a great show. Really enjoyed it. But what happened in the last season? It got so weird!

    My parents got me to start watching The Practice in the fifth season and I really enjoyed it. Watched it faithfully for the entire sixth season. Then it just got weird. I didn't like what they did with the characters. I really didn't like it when that guy had sent a bomb to their office. And Lindsay shooting that guy... it just went so downhill. It was like, since David E. Kelly couldn't write weird stuff on Ally McBeal anymore (since it ended), he started writing bizarre story lines on The Practice instead. I ended up not watching the final season, because I couldn't take all the weird stories.
  • This show is about defense attorneys who, of course, defend mostly criminals and on another angle, a group of lawyers that started small, barely making rent and all until their reputation for defending scum uplifted their reputation.

    Hmm this is i think my second review. I really kept getting angry during the first few seasons of this show. I guess coz they were always winning even when the D.A. have a good strong case against their clients. Also what led to my irritability were Bobby Donnell's expressions when he wasnt getting he wanted, or when he was losing, it's like so personal and it gives me the impression that he's such a sore loser.
    I also used to not like Lindsay Dole because seriously she's emotionally imbalanced and i thought her getting off that murder charge (same with Bobby Donnel when he hired the hitman guy) i thought that was just so bogus and unreal.
    But as i got throught the ending of Season 6 & continued on to Season 7, i'm getting a new feel of the show. I think it gets better towards the end. There's a balance on the winning of the cases and a conscience from these defense attorneys.
    I hate to admit though that it's true what keeps getting repeated over and over in this series. Defense used to be about saving the innocent now it's just about winning. It's not finding the truth, it's not justice because these lawyers know that their clients are guilty and yet they get them off anyway. Also in retrospect, the DA's office have their own set of dirty tricks but you can see the frustration when the justice they supposedly fight for gets lost to the defense attorneys tactics & skill even.
    Justice no longer depends in the truth, but on how good the lawyer is, the best his speech can be in the end.
  • La mejor serie de Abogados

    Lo que diferencia a The Practice de cualquier otra serie sobre abogados, no es sólo la calidad de sus guiones o la fuerza de sus intérpretes; sino de qué va. The Practice no es una serie sobre debates sociales (que también) sino sobre lo que realmente es la justicia. Laberinto kafkiano, relato desprovisto de esperanza; sus protagonistas, un grupo joven de abogados que vuelven a casa en metro y sin demasiado dinero, luchan constantemente para hacer lo correcto. El problema es que rara vez lo consiguen y al final por más que usen la justificación de que combaten por el sistema siempre les quedará la sensación que han errado, y que hagan lo que hagan habrá amargura en su decisión
  • A good show

    It even had some moments of comedy
  • The Practice is set in Boston and it centers on a firm of passionate attorneys to whom every case is important and every client worth a fight to the end.

    What I loved about the Practice was its sheer grittiness and the real life like way the show was written.

    The characters all were so easy to identify with. Each had their flaws, their weaknesses and their dark sides. It was a wonderful fresco of greys.

    They didn't show people as good or bad but rather people who made good or bad choices in difficult situations and then dealt with their demons.

    The plots were all interesting and the show was fast paced and kept you interested from the first roll of the starting credits.

    The actors were all brilliant at their jobs and put life into their characters.

    I think it was another gem from David E. Kelley.
  • Creme de la creme of all legal shows!

    Ally Mcbeal, Law and Order, Boston Legal, LA Law . . .these shows all have made their mark as an influential legal drama. But, in my opinion- The Practice brought all of the best elements of all these shows together to create true television magic. The characters were personable, the storylines were over the top but somehow realisitic, and at times, the eating habits of those on the show overshadowed the show itself (ie LA Law, Ally McBeal/Law and Order, and Ally McBeal's Callista Flockhart vs Lara Flynn Boyle-respectively). Unfortunately, it seems, the thing that did this show in, greed by the actors during contract negotiations, is what seems to be the demise of many really good TV series. Steve Harris was my personal favorite (smart lawyer/cute bald head):)
  • A great Drama show!

    I'm only recently seen this show in 2012. This is a great show which stands up even after being years off the air. Even for one such as me who isn't greatly in love with lawyer shows finds it fascinating. The show does a good job in showing where morality and law come into conflict and how the lawyers who are human yet also officers of the court have to deal, argue the law, and accept the consequences.
  • A great show! Positively worth my time!

    This is one my favorite shows, but in my opinion, by the choice of the cast (season 1-7) absolutely the best!

    I mean, every segment of every episode is very well thought.
    The fights, the fun moments, the serious moments, all the main and supporting characters - brilliant!
    And the recurring characters, e.g. judges Zoey Hiller and Roberta Kittleson are Oscar-worthy. Along with the main cast (again, the first seven seasons). Although there are no Oscars for TV shows... pitty!

    I don't quite understand the billing order, though. I get that Lara Flynn Boyle is last because she is the one that is most known for her prior work. But still, why is e.g. Michael Badalucco second?
    The logical order would be: Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams, Steve Harris, Camryn Manheim, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Michael Badalucco, Marla Sokoloff and (/with) Lara Flynn Boyle.

    But season 8? I mean, come on! If the budget was SO low, than don't renew it for another season! They should have just aired the new show with new characters.
    But to fire six of them? OK, the storyline for Bobby was pretty much done, and Lindsay and Claire had their own business away from the firm, and I suppose that Lucy is a minor character, but... still, to fire Lisa Gay Hamilton was bad enough. But to fire Lara Flynn Boyle? That is a crime. An immense error by Kelley, which is why The Practice only gets 9 points from me.
  • We follow the exploits and cases of defense attorneys of a Boston law firm. Bobby Donnell stars as the senior defense attorney and founder of the firm.Bobby Donnell is the head of a struggling Boston law firm that seems to constantly struggle with ethical

    Jimmy, Eugene, Ellenor and Lindsay are junior attorneys with the firm, the streetwise receptionist, and Helen the firm's frequent adversary with the D.A.'s office in this smart and clever weekly series.
    I love The Practice so very much. I have been watching The Practice seen it first came on. At one point have had lose interest, but I came back to it. I love love love all of the characters. I think that they all played there parts very well. My favorite character is Ellenor Frutt played by Camryn Manhiem and Eugene Young played by Steve Harris. I also like Bobby, Lindsay, Helen, and all of the other characters. I loved the show and miss it so much. I think that show was some what on the edge of your seat because of all the different episodes and different story plots. The last season I loved because of Alan Shore played by James Spader. I think that because of all of his mischief that he caused, that made the ending good. Also, anotherone of my favorites was Tara Wilson, played by Rhona Mitra. I think that there is something about her that makes me like her. But, I do.
  • If any proof is needed that ‘The Practice” was a top quality TV series, we only need to look at the awards, ratings it received and the life span it had....

    If any proof is needed that ‘The Practice” was a top quality TV series, we only need to look at the awards, ratings it received and the life span it had.
    I only managed to ‘religiously’ watch the last 3 seasons that arguably were not the best it had to offer. But even so it was still gripping drama. The majority of cases in the early seasons were original and provided great television. The cast along with the writers did an excellent job of giving the viewers an insight to courtroom proceedings and the daily life inside a law firm.
    It is bizarre how the series began to die two seasons before it finally ended. Leading characters were being removed from the show and the focus shifted from the ‘law’ cases to personal relationships between members of the firm. That was the beginning of the end.
    Now a spin-off to ‘The Practice” has been created named ‘Boston Legal’ that is a more light-hearted version of the original.
    In all ‘The Practice” was an excellent show that dominated its genre for the late 90’s .
  • A strong legal drama centered more around the court cases - rather than the lives of the attorneys that fight them.

    The Practice was a good legal drama with attention grabbing story lines.

    The writers and producers never fell short of the viewers expectations. The show was always ahead of the game in producing 'around the water cooler' topics for the morning after.

    I loved the cast and stayed faithful until the end. But it was obvious that the final two seasons were the show's worst. Story lines lagged, and the final season could not survive loosing a bulk of its cast members even with the addition of the infamous Alan Shore.

    During its prime, The Practice was definitely the show to watch - and the show to try to top.
  • John L.

    The three episodes in season 2 dealing with the character Joey Heric are a must see. Great dialog and word play among the characters. And as always a good twist in the end! This is a fantastic series and although I hated to see it end, it ended on a good note. Provided closure for fans of the cast. But I always wondered why they went with Boston Legal instead of a spin off surrounding more of the original characters. Such as following Eugene's experiences on the bench. Or the small practice that Jimmy and Jamie started. Regardless, the show is a definite must see.
  • 2/8/06: NOW SHOWING on FX Networks, 8am ET, M-F, DVDs/videos are NOT available; can only see on TV airings

    Willing To Trade/Share my Video Recordings of the Series. One of my all-time favorite shows. Have repeatedly searched everywhere on internet for videos of the show (including eBay), but apparently no DVD/VHS videos of show were ever made or released. To my knowledge, the only way you can still see this show in the U.S. is on the 'FX Networks' cable/satellite television channel. This month, I'm going to begin RECORDING every episode that I can. Because I'm such a fan, and know there's probably many others out there, like myself, who want to watch it, I may be willing to share copies of my recordings with the public at no charge (except the cost of the blank DVD, or VHS tape, plus shipping/handling). If you're really hooked on the show like I am, and are desperate for videos of it, I'll consider sharing my library with you at cost. Also willing to trade for your copies. --Or, if you know where I can purchase copies of the series, please do me a favor and contact me at rstjames(at) Thank You! 'The Practice' is Awesome!
  • Did Fox stop manufacturing the DVDs of "The Practice" as a way to censor it?

    I mean why would they stop manufacturing one of the best shows to ever air? It was definitely a more thought provocative show than most things that air on Fox. It referenced the Patriot Act before most of the media... At least in regular television programming and not some talk show or political show. It made you think about our laws and their respective loop holes. It brought attention to some of the more archaic, inadequate, and "immoral" laws and legal practices that truly undermine justice.
  • Captive with no way out

    I've recently discovered the show and been captivated by its quality and content. I was watching it on Hulu only to find out that Hulu ends with season 3 (and was missing three from the season anyway).

    Where can I find the rest of the shows? Not Netflix or Blockbuster, best I can tell searching its web site they aren't on Hulu Plus.

    Any clues welcome (though I don't look forward to season 8, if I can ever view it. Sounds like it was a messy end to the series.
  • Best TV Drama Ever!!!!

    This show truly is one of a kind. I was sad when it went off the air and have been craving another show like this since the finale. The acting was 2nd to none, the stories were fantastic and realistic. The struggles they faced in and outside of the courtroom were legit. I could go on forever. There was just something about this show that immersed you into the show and you felt like you were there. You felt like you knew them and could bump into them on the streets in real life. I have moved on and ejoyed other shows since The Practice but when comparing them to The Practice they always fail to match up next to it.

    I would do ANYTHING to get them to come back with this show with the exact same cast. The show could start 8-10 years later and show how their careers progressed and with todays society they could have some awesome episodes for sure. All these actors were great and never really broke though after and that blows my mind.

    I would love to start a petition to bring back The Practice.
  • Gripping, thought provoking, engaging stuff!

    This show is absolutely fantastic.
    As an aspiring lawyer myself, I found it to be the most entertaining and appealing drama I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
    This particular show, as far as I'm concerned, out-performs anything that David E. Kelly has ever produced, and, all other legal dramas to boot!
    I purchased volume one on dvd a while ago and have nearly worn it out! I hope the manufacturer gets wind of these reviews and releases the other seasons quickly. It's a phenomenal show and simply wrong if 13 episodes only ever got released. That concludes my submissions in support of my case for further releases!
  • Please bring it back to regular TV! It's thought provoking, suspenseful, and meaningful - unlike many new shows out there today! I miss it!!!

    Please bring it back to regular TV!!! It's thought provoking, suspenseful, and meaningful - unlike many new shows out there today! I miss it!!! The characters had a strong relationship, the stories were realistic, well most of them, and I just can't believe that it is so hard to find on tv these days. It should easily be deemed a classic. Mash, on the other hand, I don't understand why that's on all the time, on many channels. This is such a special show that I wish they could continue to make more new episodes - would such a thing be possible? Are the wonderful writers still around? Thanks for hearing me out.
  • It was and always will be the greatest TV drama in Tv history.

    I watched evrysible episode from season one to season 8. the show had its ups and downs , but even on a bad day, the practice had at leat one scene that bettered anything you'll see on the telly nowadays.

    The cast was pitch perfect from its main cast , most notably Dylan Mcdermott and Steve Harris who gave inspiring performances. Episodes that people should seek out are, Day In Court, Honor Code, Killing Time.

    This shows needs to come back. Can you imagine what sort of storylines could be used in the show , in regards to the way the US and the orld has changed since The Practice ended in 2004.
  • The Practice is excellent TV show about lawyers and their every day struggle for survival of their clients, and them selves.

    The Practice is very good TV show, one of my best. And the thing I love the most about it is the way that actors represent the lawyers, and that every episode is different and exciting. The only thing I mind is that it should be more seasons, and that the show wasn't the same after some of the actors went away, like Lara F. Boyle. One of the things I liked is that the story was about the job of the lawyers, and not only about their lives, putting their job behind them.
    There were many unexpected twists during the "battle" in the courtyard, when characters like Bobby or Eugene( and others) would win, even if their clients were guilty or there were very hard evidents against them. Then, things would get "messy" and you could feel the excitement episode after episode. Every character had something special that made me like them all. But I liked the most Lara, that is Helen, because the way she interrogated and because of her attitude.
    At the end, my opinion is that this TV show is one of the best and that it will be for a long time.
  • Surpasses all other legal shows by a country mile

    I came across this show after it ended and cannot believe it slipped past me in its original run. I am currently sifting through every epsiode and have yet to come across a weak one.

    It is nothing short of brilliant. Many other legal shows (including any other David E Kelly ones) although entertaining in their own right seem too afraid to get down and dirty. They are way too cute to be taken too seriously, and are essentially forgettable for this very reason.

    The Practice is about the real business end of the legal profession, the people that pick clients because no one else will touch them, generally because they need the money but mostly because they absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to their day in court. The acting is OK but the characters, and stories are the real strong point. Particularly Steve Harris' "Eugene Young", probably the poorest of all the actors, but his fascinating character is the living emobdiment of all the show stands for. He hates seeing the guilty walk free, but even more he hates when they are jailed for the wrong resons (see particularly season 2's "Rhyme and reason")

    All in all a great show and the good thing about missing its first airing is that I now have the joy of watching them all for the first time.
  • i know that the series has ended back in 2004,The Practice is one outstanding show,every epoisode that i watch is awesome.I am either in tears or laughing my butt off.I am a dedicated watcher and have been for the past 1yr.All I can say is WOW what a show

    i know that the series has ended back in 2004, back then i didnt watch hardly any tv. i am now a stay home mother and still dont watch to much tv but i do have to say "The Practice\" is one outstanding show every epoisode that i have watch is awesome. I am either in tears or laughing my butt off. I am a dedicated watcher m-f and have been for the past 1yr...All I have to say is WOW what a show.
  • this amazing drama series is currently being repeated from the beginning in the uk on the itv 3 channel. catch every episode its incredible tv ! david e kelley what a guy every series he has made is superb !

    unfortunatly itv only bought series 1-7 and have no plans to show season 8 so if anyone out there has this i would love to get a copy. ifyou like this show then check out boston legal its just as good you can find this show on living tv in the uk, james spader is awesome and william shatner is off the charts as denny crane.