The Practice

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Surpasses all other legal shows by a country mile

    I came across this show after it ended and cannot believe it slipped past me in its original run. I am currently sifting through every epsiode and have yet to come across a weak one.

    It is nothing short of brilliant. Many other legal shows (including any other David E Kelly ones) although entertaining in their own right seem too afraid to get down and dirty. They are way too cute to be taken too seriously, and are essentially forgettable for this very reason.

    The Practice is about the real business end of the legal profession, the people that pick clients because no one else will touch them, generally because they need the money but mostly because they absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to their day in court. The acting is OK but the characters, and stories are the real strong point. Particularly Steve Harris' "Eugene Young", probably the poorest of all the actors, but his fascinating character is the living emobdiment of all the show stands for. He hates seeing the guilty walk free, but even more he hates when they are jailed for the wrong resons (see particularly season 2's "Rhyme and reason")

    All in all a great show and the good thing about missing its first airing is that I now have the joy of watching them all for the first time.