The Practice

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • A great show! Positively worth my time!

    This is one my favorite shows, but in my opinion, by the choice of the cast (season 1-7) absolutely the best!

    I mean, every segment of every episode is very well thought.
    The fights, the fun moments, the serious moments, all the main and supporting characters - brilliant!
    And the recurring characters, e.g. judges Zoey Hiller and Roberta Kittleson are Oscar-worthy. Along with the main cast (again, the first seven seasons). Although there are no Oscars for TV shows... pitty!

    I don't quite understand the billing order, though. I get that Lara Flynn Boyle is last because she is the one that is most known for her prior work. But still, why is e.g. Michael Badalucco second?
    The logical order would be: Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams, Steve Harris, Camryn Manheim, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Michael Badalucco, Marla Sokoloff and (/with) Lara Flynn Boyle.

    But season 8? I mean, come on! If the budget was SO low, than don't renew it for another season! They should have just aired the new show with new characters.
    But to fire six of them? OK, the storyline for Bobby was pretty much done, and Lindsay and Claire had their own business away from the firm, and I suppose that Lucy is a minor character, but... still, to fire Lisa Gay Hamilton was bad enough. But to fire Lara Flynn Boyle? That is a crime. An immense error by Kelley, which is why The Practice only gets 9 points from me.