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ABC (ended 2004)


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  • This show is about defense attorneys who, of course, defend mostly criminals and on another angle, a group of lawyers that started small, barely making rent and all until their reputation for defending scum uplifted their reputation.

    Hmm this is i think my second review. I really kept getting angry during the first few seasons of this show. I guess coz they were always winning even when the D.A. have a good strong case against their clients. Also what led to my irritability were Bobby Donnell's expressions when he wasnt getting he wanted, or when he was losing, it's like so personal and it gives me the impression that he's such a sore loser.
    I also used to not like Lindsay Dole because seriously she's emotionally imbalanced and i thought her getting off that murder charge (same with Bobby Donnel when he hired the hitman guy) i thought that was just so bogus and unreal.
    But as i got throught the ending of Season 6 & continued on to Season 7, i'm getting a new feel of the show. I think it gets better towards the end. There's a balance on the winning of the cases and a conscience from these defense attorneys.
    I hate to admit though that it's true what keeps getting repeated over and over in this series. Defense used to be about saving the innocent now it's just about winning. It's not finding the truth, it's not justice because these lawyers know that their clients are guilty and yet they get them off anyway. Also in retrospect, the DA's office have their own set of dirty tricks but you can see the frustration when the justice they supposedly fight for gets lost to the defense attorneys tactics & skill even.
    Justice no longer depends in the truth, but on how good the lawyer is, the best his speech can be in the end.