The Practice

Season 2 Episode 9

Save the Mule

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 1997 on ABC



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    • Lindsay: With Helen. What's stopping you?
      Bobby: What? Why? She said something?
      Lindsay: She says you seem stuck, like you want to go forward but you won't.
      Bobby: Well, it's just that I... I like her. That- that may be the problem. I like her.
      Lindsay: And?
      Bobby: And before I go down that road I gotta be sure about... everything else. You know?
      Lindsay: Bobby, everything else is clear.

    • Helen: (about Sam) You want me to arrest him?
      Bobby: Yeah.
      Helen: To give his life meaning?
      Bobby: Yes.
      Helen: It's not exactly what we do here, Bobby.
      Bobby: Yes, I know. I was just hoping...
      Helen: Do you know how many cases I have... with real criminals?
      Bobby: You know how many clients I have, real criminals?

    • Linday: Thank God.
      Doctor: Well, it's a little too soon for that.

    • Attorney: You're honor, can we stop this?
      Judge Brudister: I stopped listening a while ago. Why don't we go to chambers and have a cookie?

    • Daly: Are you going to let your client die?
      Lindsay: You're concerned for her health, Mr. Daly? Let her go, and she'll hit the toilet.
      Daly: If she agrees to flip her contact, I'll get her immunity.
      (No response by Lindsay)
      Daly: Ah. You represent the boss. It seems you have a conflict.

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