The Practice

Season 2 Episode 7

Search and Seizure

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Helen running into Bobby at the courthouse and asking questions about his love life. When Bobby asks why, Helen invites him to a Halloween party that her boss is throwing. Bobby discusses this with Lindsay, who gives a mixed reaction.

Soon thereafter Benny Small bursts into the office yelling for Bobby or Lindsay. He is quickly followed in by police who discover he has copious amounts of cocaine strapped to his body. He's arrested and because Bobby and Jimmy are now witnesses the case is assigned to Lindsay, who balks at getting yet another drug case.

In the office during this exchange is Mike Randall, who wants to have his 9-months pregnant wife forced to have a C-section. Their doctor has warned Mike and his wife Cindy that the baby is not receiving enough oxygen in the womb and must be delivered immediately to avoid severe brain damage or even death. Cindy is staunchly opposed due to her religious beliefs and says God will take care of her and the baby.

Lindsay is talking with Helen before Benny's arraignment about Bobby. Helen wants to know why Lindsay is opposed to her dating Bobby and Lindsay gives several flimsy excuses. During the arraignment, Lindsay warns Benny, who still hasn't paid his legal fees from his last court appearance but seems to have no trouble posting his bond, that he'd better show up with $10,000 the next day at court or she won't even stand up at the trial.

At the probable cause hearing, the arresting officer admits that he and his partner didn't really have a reason for approaching Benny for questioning, just the fact that he had been arrested on drug charges in the past and was having a conversation with another known drug seller. After the hearing Jimmy asks Lindsay to the same party Bobby and Helen are going to, promising not to have an erotic dream about her afterwards, which makes her laugh.

Discussing the party, Lindsay advises Helen to be aggressive with Bobby since he doesn't generally make the first move. Helen brings up a prior discussion they had about Lindsay possibly making the move to D.A. She's not happy about the work she has to do, but Lindsay is hesitant to leave.

At the probable cause hearing for Benny, Lindsay makes good on her threat when he brings only $8,000 and moves to withdraw as counsel. The judge asks why he doesn't pay and Benny says he's strapped for cash since the police took his cocaine. The judge gives him one hour to get the money or she'll let Lindsay withdraw. During the P.C. hearing the prosecution can't give a good reason why the police searched Benny other than they saw two people with drug histories having a conversation, and the case is dismissed.

At the party Helen takes Lindsay's advice to be aggressive and feels up Bobby during a conversation between him and Helen's boss. He's stunned to say the least.

Outside the appellate court Cindy's doctor persuades her to have an ultrasound as soon as possible to make sure the situation with the baby hasn't gotten worse, regardless of the judges decide; she agrees. Soon thereafter the judge deliver their verdict: they unanimously wish that Cindy save her child, but legally can't force her and since she's mentally competent her decision to refuse treatment must be honored. Her doctor is outraged and chides the judges, sarcastically referring to them as "heroes" and "martyrs".

At the office, Lindsay is complaining about her growing reputation as a good drug lawyer but notices that Bobby's not listening. He tells her what Helen did at the party, which she finds very funny.

At the ultrasound the doctor tells the Randalls that the situation hasn't changed. Cindy remarks that it's weird that she can't feel anything; the doctor says he numbed her. He brings in Rebecca and one last time tries to convince Cindy to have the C-section. Cindy refuses to listen. He asks Mike to hold Cindy's hand while he finishes up, and tells Rebecca that Mike has no idea what's going on. The nurse seems confused but it soon becomes clear to everyone in the room when they hear a baby start to cry…the doctor's given Cindy a C-section without her knowledge or consent.

Helen shows up at Bobby's office to apologize for what happened at the party, and assures him she doesn't go around fondling men; she just wanted to shock him a little. She gives him her phone number saying she made the first move and now the ball is in his court.

At the hospital Rebecca is furious and accuses the doctor of assault. The doctor remains unapologetic and says the couple won't report him because it would disrupt their lives. Rebecca says not to be so sure that's the case with her. She tells the other lawyers what he did and they visit Cindy and Mike at the hospital. They ask Cindy if she's ok with what happened and she says she's not sure but that everything happens for a reason. Cindy's lawyer shows up and before she can ask what happened Cindy simply says she changed her mind and doesn't want to discuss it further, asking they be left alone.

A man named Jason Swaboda visits Lindsay at the office to put Lindsay on retainer after hearing about her success in the Benny Small case. Lindsay says she's had back luck getting payment from clients in his "business" and says she'd need a $40,000 retainer before even considering his offer. He opens his briefcase and hands her the entire amount in cash, along with his pager number.

Bobby visits Helen at her office and asks her out to dinner. She asks if Bobby is afraid of her and he says no. Helen admits that dates scare her, especially the first kiss, then promptly kisses Bobby, getting it over with. She asks again if he's afraid and he says no, and they leave for dinner.

At the end of the episode Rebecca takes a cab to the police department, but can't bring herself to go inside, and instead walks home.