The Practice

Season 8 Episode 1

We the People

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on ABC

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  • This episode explains why the series were brought down after this season.

    This episode was so badly written I was offended by it. Over the past 7 years we have come to know Bobby, Lindsay, Rebecca, Lucy and Helen just as much as we have come to love them.
    Now the last episode of season 7 explained why Bobby was leaving the firm. But that's it. No explanation as to why Lindsay decided not to come "home", as she put it.
    No explanation why Lucy quit.
    No explanation where Rebecca went.
    No explanation what happened to Helen.

    And we are supposed to be take interest in the cases? This show has stopped being about the cases a long time ago. It was about coworkers. And suddenly nobody remembers their best friends enough, to talk about them?

    Usually a season opener is connected to the last episode aired. Here a decade could have gone by and we would not even get so much as a notice.

    I am disappointed. I am sad and I am offended that one of my favourite shows was put to death before its time.

    Lets not kid ourselves this is what it really was. If you take away 5 out of 8 Characters that have been on the show for over four years without so much as an explanation, you could just kill the show right there. Who'll keep watching? In this outrage I forgot something: Where is Claire? Wasn't Lindsay saying she would be back at the firm with her? Where her boobs to small to stay on screen? Because Jaimie is with the firm...

    I'm sorry, I'm just so fed up with being disappointed by writers of TV-Shows. When they are fed up like Joss Whedon why don't they just say so? Why do they crush our little worlds?