The Presidential Debates

Season 2012 Episode 4

Third Presidential Debate 10/22

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2012 on
Third Presidential Debate 10/22
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    Watch Tonight's Presidential Debate Online (VIDEO)

    Well, this is it, the third and final presidential debate!

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    President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney's debate will be focused on foreign policy. The debate with be moderated by Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent and moderator of CBS's Face the Nation.

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    • The Future That Walks

      I agree with Obama's points of view about our future and his decisions to solve disputions amongst other countries. But what everyone in this world need to understand is Obama has made multiple changes throughout the US that no other president has progressed. When it comes to debates many people want to hear what main points of how both Presidents will help us Americans overcome poverty issues, economic problems, crime rates, and other social interaction issues. We understand that our country is under stress because of how President Bush messed us Americans up when he was President. I believe Romney will bring Americans towards distruction not really moving forward towards our future. I believe he wouldn't do what he say he will do and it's not guranteed that he will help the poor and the women of today's society. When it comes to our future we are trying to step ahead to a future where we wouldn't have to worry about getting killed or wounded by economic effects towards the future and today's generation. I just believe Obama would change our society to see towards what is going to be ahead. Obama's healthcare plan is a question to me, but I know that everyone will have the healthcare that they pay for each and every year. I believe Obama will change the future for those who are upcoming and those who are here in the US presently. I just believe Obama will make the change that he promised and Romney I feel will leave us Americans high and dry with the old Republican policies that Bush tried to overrule. I don't want to face another dreadful year under Republican authority...I would like for everyone to review Obama and Romney's point of views about our country and others and the social interactions amongst societies before just voting for whoever due to what they say! Me, personally, I'm voting for Obama because of what he has done for every country already! He has done what he has promised and I emphasize that he will make a change!!moreless

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