The Pretender

Season 3 Episode 14

At the Hour of Our Death

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 1999 on NBC

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  • Jarod and Miss Parker face death when…

    Children are not inferior to adults: when adults [in this case Micheal T. Weiss and Andrea Parker] have the chance to get some rest because of their storylines, children can replace them without problems and this episode showed it in every single aspect.
    For the first time since the pilot, thanks to an eventful connection between Jarod and Miss Parker, the episode evolves around a kid…Faith who turns out to be an old friend of the two protagonists as well as Angelo's.

    Faith was a lonely child who has been adopted by Catherine Parker [another good action from a good woman who doesn't seem to be able to do anything bad in her life!] who wanted to cure her since the little girl suffered from Leukaemia. Of course, thing didn't go as Catherine wanted, but Faith was treated for a while at the Centre where our two buddies Miss Parker and Jarod, along with their friend Timmy [better known as Angelo] were wandering looking for "death". Cailtin Wachs [Faith] and Ashley Peldon share such a good chemistry, that at the end we find ourselves grieving along with Miss Parker once Faith dies. It's quite clear that Ryan Merriman and Ashley Peldon are simply amazing together, so I do think there's no need to add anything else on young Jarod hugging young Miss Parker. Jake Lloyd [Timmy] couldn't do much as he was also supposed to be kind of mute due to his character and will probably never be like Paul Dillon, but he did good. Also adults had a little bit of work to do especially Patrick Bauchau and Jon Gries! On one hand we have Broots who looked so broken and was so emotional at Miss Parker's bedside during his speech confirming, another time, what a weird and, at the same time, great friendship these two have. On the other hand we had Sydney who looked more concerned about his "lab rat" who had disappeared after the plane crash somewhere in Yellowstone instead of being concerned of his colleague. As much as I love Jarod and his relationship with Sydney, I do find myself quite sceptical about Sydney's friendship with Parker. How many times has he showed much more concern for Jarod than Parker? How many times has he defend his "lab rat"? Lots of times! How many time has he taken Parker's side? That's exactly what she asked in the previous season, but we never had a clear answer and we'll probably never have. Probably, that's the reason I find myself not enjoying this character too much.
    Plus Sydney is definitely the man of the mystery. How many times didn't he know anything about what was going on the Centre exactly when he worked there? This time he knew there was a project named "Faith", but, again, he didn't knew about it. While Mr. Broots couldn't have known anything about it since he's supposed to have come to the Centre long after Catherine's death, Sydney's lack of memory isn't justifiable. Isn't this storyline kind of old for Sydney?

    Another character I have never liked from the show and I will never is Catherine Parker who, again, was very present in the episode even if Andrea Parker didn't have to play her this time [we had a little bit of flashback while Miss Parker flatlined, but this scene had already been used previously]. Yes, Catherine Parker wasn't present physically, but she was present mentally and everyone remembered her. As always she had to make the good action of the day: adopting a poor child who was suffering from Leukaemia, with the help of her husband and Father Moore, without telling anything about it to…..her daughter! It is quite funny how Catherin Parker has made so many good actions for the others, has tried to rescue seven children of the seven red files when her daughter was the eight red file and has hidden many things to her daughter [I'm sure we'll find something else in the future]. Her justification would have ben "I wanted to protect my daughter"….well lies cannot protect you, especially if you live/work in the Centre!!!!!

    Parker's family this time wasn't screwed up, which is always something good and quite refreshing to see on this show. Mr. Parker was having fun with his new wife and as soon as he heard about his daughter, he took the first flight back to Blue Cove. It's always a pleasure to see one member of the family at the other one's bedside!!! Lyle, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found, but I wouldn't have expected anything else from a character like him. Wonder how Miss Parker will make him feel guilty for not showing up while she at the hospital.
    Also Tommy was nowhere to be found, but this could have happened because Jason Brooks wasn't available at the time.

    Finally, of course both Micheal T. Weiss and Andrea Parker showed how very good they are as actors even when one practically had to talk to a wolf while the other one had to lie on a bed for most part of the episode.

    Definitely, this was another great episode with a great storyline and acting despite some weird aspects like the medical stuff.
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