The Pretender

Season 1 Episode 4

Curious Jarod

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1996 on NBC

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  • Jarod gets justice for a comatose Vegas showgirl, befriends an Elvis impersonator, and discovers Curious George.

    I thought this early episode was starting to be too pat: a couple of Bad Guys- one destined to be used against the Truly Bad Guy, a quirky, marginalized ally-to-be, and a cultural touchstone we tend to take for granted.

    The quest to find The Man In The Yellow Hat's name was appreciated by me at least, if not by anyone else he met. The ending sting was logical, yet caught me off-guard all the same.

    The Elvis impersonator was just a couple of episodes after the thoughful William Sanderson's love-lorn loner, but I enjoyed him.

    Gregg Henry, like many men bfore him, almost always signals The Evil Guy. Strangely enough, when I rewatched this recently, I wasn't completely sure if he was the attacker for a while.

    Jarod's leaving him to his 'punishment' was an echo, to me, of the end of the pilot. The leaving the one doctor to be operated on by the drunk one had me gasping, yet this one- leaving Mr.Henry's character to deal with his frame-up- had me feeling okay with that ruthless side of Jarod. I don't know why exactly.

    Nonetheless, a great episode to catch if you can on dvd or cable!
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