The Pretender

Season 3 Episode 21

Donoterase (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 22, 1999 on NBC

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  • Jarod finally finds his father (Major Charles), but things will get pretty hectic for him and "The Centre" when . . . .

    First chapter of a two-parts episode, this episode focuses on what seems to be the main theme of the whole show: the search for your family and, possibly, your own past.
    While Jarod finally finds his father and may finally be able rebuild his family, Miss Parker finds herself being more and more distant from her own father who seems to focus more on "the Centre" business rather than his own "angel".

    We don't know his name yet and we will probably never do, but what about Jarod's clone? What will happen to him? Will Jarod try to save him and give him a family and a house, possibly with Major Charles? I'm gonna say he will try it….will he be successful or not? It all depends on what kind of future "the power to be" wants for Jarod.
    On the other hand, what will Miss Parker do with that poor guy? Will she try to help him remembering what a great time she used to have with her best-friend, the original Jarod, or will she try to forget her own past and go on ignoring him? Knowing what a great work they've been doing developing her character, I highly doubt she's gonna ignore her own instinct (the same one her mother had) which is to help the guy, no matter what it will mean. Miss Parker will also have to deal with Major Charles who, as far as we know (thanks to Mr. Fenigor), seems to be Catherine Parker's assassin. No doubts, she will hunt him down till he's finally dead…possibly killed by her.
    But let's never forget she will go on fighting against the dark side of "The Centre" which, at this point of the show, is run by Mr. Parker, Mr. Raines with Lyle and Brigitte being more and more powerful. Her doubts on her father's honesty are already growing, but it seems she'll never stop having suspects on her old man also because he seems to be a great source for doubts. No wonder why the producers casted such a brilliant actor like Harve Presnell to portray this man.
    As for Lyle and Brigitte, there are reasons to believe she will never be able to cope their presence even if they're her brother and mother-in-law.
    I don't think there's any need to talk about Mr. Raines who always seems to be such a crazy man who, at this point of the show, has also decided to "play god", as Broots would say. Will there be any kind of possibility for him to become ever more evil? I don't think so but "never say never"

    One last ambiguous character from the episode seems to be Sydney. Why is he helping Mr. Raines and Mr. Parker with Jarod's clone? Is it another way for him to replicate his original experiment, as Miss Parker would say, or should we look for other dark reasons behind Sydney's choices? I'll be honest, I've always thought Sydeny could have been such an ambiguous character with many many secrets to hide especially to Miss Parker, but I've never thought they could go that deep with him. I'm happily surprised by this choice.
    And I'm more and more glad they go on portraying Broot as Miss Parker's faithful right-hand man. He would do anything for her and I'm quite sure he will never betray her, not even to "protect" her. Plus their bond is just brilliantly played and I find myself loving more and more the two of them.

    Now, what will happen in the next part? We don't know it yet, be sure it will be another great episode from such a brilliant show.
  • This was an excellent episode of The Pretender. Jarod runs from the Center and finds his father. Even more is revealed through a secret project called Gemini. The Center cloned Jarod and more is revealed.

    This was an excellent episode of The Pretender. Jarod runs from the Center and finds his father. Even more is revealed through a secret project called Gemini. The Center cloned Jarod and more is revealed.

    Then, Jarod and Major Charles save the clone, but Major Charles is captured by The Center. Jarod goes back to The Center to offer a trade, his father for the recently captured Mr. Parker. An all out battle between all of the The Center's main leaders, including the man from Africa, leads to Mr. Raines' plot to kill Mr. Parker, Major Charles getting away, and Jarod being captured and brought back to The Center as the season ends. Really, a great episode. This is why I watch this series.