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do u think the scrolls were about jarod and miss parker

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    title says all

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    Per's guidelines, the Show Forums are for fostering further discussion about tv shows, tv personalities, and tv culture. One sentence messages don't really do that (even if you think 'the title says it all', it doesn't, really). You would probably get a better response if your message contained more of your own expanded thoughts on the subject at hand. Also, such terse messages can be considered spam and can result in a Moderation notice if reported.
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    The scrolls went on to say how tv writers messed up a great show with a side storyline with no clear direction and should have just made the show about Jarod

    The whole center story line was so full of holes and also kept going round in circles, complete disaster
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    WELL we would know this answer if Jarod and Miss Parker didn't go on a stupid scavenger hunt that brought them to the starting place...the place that had coffins and freaky symbols on know, things that ANY viewer or anthropologist...or Symbologist (which Jarod pretended to be) would think to look. I remember going 'what's inside the coffin with the weird symbol' at the start of the movie and then that's where the scrolls were?

    SERIOUSLY Jarod could have just peeked into the coffin, found and read the scrolls and we'd be good. But of course, this was one of the WORST examples of writing for the series. I was so disappointed.
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    Well, first off i disagree with the fact that the show should just be about jarod 90 percent of it was but i do like how they gave a puzzle to solve around the center and i think the secondary storyline made the show more interesting. Also, you have to remember that when the movie island of the haunted was made there were two more movies that should have ended the series but were scraped leaving the ending and all the answers up in the air. I can't say it was bad writing because they did have a planned story it is just because we didn't get to see the end that the middle doesn't make any sense as to where the writers wer going. Some details we can guses like i have no doubt that jarod and miss parker were the end result and i think mr.parker and rains always knew that that is why she got access to him when they were kids nothing happens that they don't know but unfortunitly the last movie only gave more questions then answers and we never got to answer.

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