The Pretender

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1998 on NBC

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  • Jarod catches the bad guy, returns the stolen children to their mother, and blows up Lyle's car...all in a day's work!! :D lol

    I loved the way this episode started with Jarod playing "Robin Hood"; redistributing Centre funds to help those in need. The next scene views Lyle's frustration over the theft of those stolen funds. His ranting was just the outlet he used to vent over being personally robbed of his car. (Go Jarod!!) Miss Parker's vehement joy over Lyle's predicament,(made apparent with her constant smiles) was fun to watch!! The Priceless moment was when Jarod used Lyle's car as target practice. These opening scenes were wonderful for the viewer to feel some slight vindication (though never enough) because of what was done to Jarod.
    Another "positive" was the way Jarod used his own lesson, of learning that "lie" of his parent's plane crash, to help the mother and her children. The mother of the two children never gave up hope in finding her children, though she did despair. Jarod's presence in her scenario brought that hope to fruition. The most bittersweet moment was at the end when the mother wished for Jarod to find his family and feel the joy she was feeling. His walking away alone and in the dark, surrounded by the numb clutches of nothingness, makes a person keep wishing for this character to find his family.