The Pretender

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 1996 on NBC

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  • Not available outside the US...

    Would be awesome if this was available to watch outside of the US...

    Score based on my memory of the show when it first aired in Australia in the late 90s.
  • Meet Jarod, a genius who can do any career he wants.

    When first meeting Jarod, it is obvious that he is not also very smart, but empathic towards other people. He speaks Greek, which is probably very rare in the US. He starts out the episode by performing a complicated surgical technique. Jarod gets a job as a doctor at a New York hospital in the Bronx. He spends time trying to help a little boy who was left a paraplegic by an intoxicated surgeon. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, whose first name is unknown, and Sydney, last name unknown, try to find Jarod to bring him back to the Centre, an unscrupulous think tank that used Jarod in simulations. They track him down by a set of clues that he leaves for them. We learn that Jarod is a pretender, a genius who is able to become anyone. He has been with the Centre since the early 1960's and escaped after learning the true nature of the Centre's simulations. While in the outside world, Jarod is amazed at the things he missed while in the Centre. Jarod is on a crusade to help the people that have been wronged.
  • The first step into the real world

    Jarod choses the surname Russell. Throughout the entire tv show the assumption is that this is his real surname. Also he pretends to be three different persons (professions).

    An exiting beginning to a superb and extraordinary tv show.

    In the opening sequence we see a special pilot writing.. which begins with :
    there are extraordinary induviduals amoung us...

    the rest of the the season one and two begins whith:
    there are pretenders amoung us....

    Also the tv show music theme is not heard in this episode.
  • This, the first ever episode of the pretender, set the pace for the rest of the series. Great action, creative story lines, mystery, and suspense, nothing can be greater.

    This, the first ever episode of the pretender, set the pace for the rest of the series. Great action, creative story lines, mystery, and suspense, nothing can be greater.

    In this pilot episode we are intruduced to Jarod and his Pretender abilities along with The Centre. Miss Parker and Sydney are also introduced and the hunt for Jarod begins!
  • Human and their humor in it. I really loved this show.

    Human and there is humor in it. I really loved this show. The actors are good. We discover the personage and the story as the show goes on. This show looks a little bit like the movie "Catch me if you can"... but instead of pretending without being able to do, this pretender is really able to do whatever work he'd like to.
  • Jarod is pretending a doctor in a hospitol in New York. He tries to prove that a boy became a handicapped because of hospitol negligence.

    This episode is the first episode of what is going to become a four season TV series.
    I have to say that this episode is a great beginning to a great show. It gives you a small taste of everything that is going to be in the next 86 episodes. It shows you that this show is going to have a humuros side, yet a serious side.
    The most important this is that the episode tells you who is who and on which side they are on. Just from that episode you can understand exactly who is Jarod and why he is doing all of these things.
    This is a great episodes that gets you addicted to the show. I personally love the show and watched each episode more than once.

    Hope you will like it the way that I did.