The Pretender

Season 2 Episode 19

Red Rock Jarod

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 02, 1998 on NBC

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  • Jarod's captured by Lyle and someone unexpected makes an appearance.

    I loved this episode mainly because of Kyle. He was a favourite character of mine and I was glad to see him come back. Unfortunately, he died...again.

    Some things wrong with this ep: In Dragon House, we see a young Kyle doing target practice and it shows he has perfect aim. In RRJ we see Kyle shoot at Lyle, and miss, hitting his shoulder. Personally, i like to think this was intentional, and that Kyle only wanted to hurt Mr. Lyle and not kill him. If his shooting Lyle was meant to hit the target then it's a poor plot twist...because he has perfect aim.

    When Lyle shot at Jarod, there was time for Kyle to shoot him and I'm not sure why he didn't. Plus Lyle's arm, if he was shot in the shoulder, wouldn't be able to shoot again, would he? I doubt it. At the same time I'm glad that Kyle opted to save Jarod. I just wish he didn't have to die to do it. Seeing he and Jarod do pretends together would have been awesome. As for the heart-donor thing, I think that it was just silly. To donate an organ, or even blood, there's an extensive screening process. They don't just take any heart that's the same blood type and stick it in someone...poor writing.

    UNLESS the writers had intended this to be a future plot, like Kyle's not really dead and that Lyle has him held up somewhere and he arranged for another AB heart to be put into JR Miller. ....this is what I like to imagine anyways. but it doesn't matter because the show is no longer on air.

    All that in mind, I really did love this episode. I loved the brotherly bonding, and Kyle's rescuing of that woman.