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  • One of the best concepts for a tv show ever.

    Sadly I did not discover this series until TNT was running reruns after the show had ended, but I was instantly hooked. The idea of a super-intelligent human being alone wouldn't make the show that interesting, but they added a mysterious and dramatic past to the star character which made you not only want to watch more, but drew you more into Jarrod's heart. It was easy to feel for the star character and share his emotions.

    With that they added great supporting characters. There was Miss Parker, whose only true annoyance was that she apparantly had no first name, which perhaps matched her up well with Jarrod who had no last name. Then there was Sydney, who sometimes made you wonder whose side he was on until you realized he was on Jarrod's side for better or worse. He simply lacked the understanding of what the Centre had done to bring the boy there. And then there was Broots, the lovable comic-relief who was always good for a chuckle.

    Then you had the villains, and what evil villains they were. There was Mr. Lyle, who seemed to have a taste for cannibalism. He was a man whom you wanted to love because of his handsome good looks but knew at his heart he was pure evil and simply no good. Then when he turned out to be Miss Parker's brother, which never seemed to be proven, it only added a new dark twis on the series.

    Dr. Raines and Mr. Parker were evil as well, though they didn't seem as bad as their evilness seemed to stem from a desire for power. They were still a dangerous threat, however.

    The show continued to grow darker as Jarrod learned more and more about his past, but it only got better as it went. And then it ended when Jarrod got so close to finally finding his mother.

    It's a shame the show ended as quickly as it did. Here's hoping they'll bring it back. Great show with an absolutely fabulous cast.
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