The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • The best show EVER. The questions need to be answered, and the mysteries solved. There HAS to be a third and final movie!!

    Great show!! This show has everything: drama, action, humour.

    Micheal T Weiss did an amazing job playing this complex character, not to even mentioning how Andrea Parker was able to become Miss Parker. Even though Andrea plays both Miss Parker and her mother, her way of portraying these two very different characters is so well done that you as the watcher sometimes forget that they are played by the same actress.
    The story is one of the best ever told, there was not a single episode where you didn't learn something new about one of the characters.
    The creators of this FAB show shocked the audience again and again and again. They left the fans devastated at the end of the 4th season. Then in 2001 the fist movie was released and again they left the fans hanging at the end. In 2002 the second movie ("Island of the Haunted") was released and fans could breath again, but only until 2 minutes into the movie because - they did it AGAIN, questions were left unanswered and mysteries unsolved.

    The fans of this amazing show have been fighting for 4 years and they, along with everyone else who has been lucky enough to have seen this show, deserve closure in the form of a third and final movie.