The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • This series was cancelled before it could reach its full potential.

    This series was a very unique creation which spotlighted the horrific occurrences surrounding the “Centre”; more specifically surrounding the “Pretender Program” and a one-of-a-kind-genius named Jarod. Though Jarod was always the main character, the story line allowed the viewer to see (and feel) that in actuality the “Centre” stole from everyone. It was a proverbial black hole; no emotion; faceless; darkness! It was the epitome of despair. The highlight of each episode was Jarod’s calling card, which was dispensing “like justice” for “like crime“. One example of this dispensation was in Season 2 Episode 14 “Amnesia (a.k.a. Unforgotten), when Jarod tied the drug running- murderous-truck driver to the front end of his own Semi-Truck. It was nice to see the episode end with Jarod smiling (behind the wheel of the big rig) and the “jerk-du-jour” tied to the front…screaming into the night. What was hard to watch about the show was the constant agony that Jarod was put through. The actor portrayed the character’s compassion to a fault. His facial expressions imbued the tortured state of the character’s soul; from his constant search for his family to his endless fight for all others in need.