The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • The Pretender. This show was mainly about a young boy named Jarod who was stolen from his family and used for the Centres evil ways. While growing up in the Centre there he was getting smarter only to escape eventually.

    I started watching this show from the first episode to almost the last. I only missed like less then a handful when it was on. This tv show had it all from our hero Jarod trying to become anyone he put his smart mind to someone that was evil and relentless like Dr. William Raines. Id like to say first off since this is my review. This tv show had some interesting characters. That made it something to really enjoy each week it was on. Looking into the characters alittle more. I really liked Miss Parker. Her character was put together well. She was everything from tall and leggy to very combustible at times. A take no nonsense type of gal if you know what I mean. Sydney is jarods docter of choice or his project if you wanna say that. He on one hand wants Jarod to return but I think hes glad Jarod is away from that place. Broots is a cool computer guy who seems to know as much as Jarod does on some things but Jarod seems to be one step ahead of him. Angelo is pretender completely gone wrong. In so many words hes smart but he doesnt wanna let the Centre know that. For Jarods enemys the one that most stands out to me is Dr. William Raines I so cannot stand him. He looks like an old broke down skeletor with an oxygen tank from He-man. Brigitte is a close second. She fits the total blonde thing. But very crafty and smart. Mr. Lyle was just that someone with good intentions but his character seemed to be lacking the right judement calls on several situations. Last but not least are the sweepers which I thought were cool. Sam and Willie were always doing there job just not fast enough. I always wanted to be a sweeper myself. If I had the job Jarod would of been caught by now but im not that bad of a guy. I hope there is a last tv-movie to sum up everything and put the whole Pretender thing to an end. Hopefully will see all Jarods questions get answered.