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  • This program had it all. Great character development, ongoing mystery plot lines, good over evil scenarios completed in one sometimes two epsisodes.

    I somehow missed this show in its original run in the mid/late 90's. But as luck would have it, I've recently discovered this show in re-runs and was so interested by it that I even bought Season 1 & 2 on DVD, ( 3 & 4 for Christmas ). The show consisted of a hero (Jarod) who was a genius capable of insinuating himself into any profession or situation. Kidnapped as a child and exploited by "The Centre", Jarod escapes and sets out to find his long-lost parents. During his search, Jarod useed his abilities to seek justice for strangers he read about in newspaper articles. Part of what made this series great was the relationship between Jarod and Centre psychologist/instructor Sydney who has raised Jarod from childhood and become the closest thing Jarod had ever known to a father. Additionally, Centre Hench-woman "Miss Parker" tracks Jarod relentlessly, while discovering more and more that the Centre has manipulated her own life almost as much as they have Jarod's. The only negative thing I have to say about this show is that it was canceled prior to its conclusion. They was however two made for TV movies The Pretender 2001 & The Pretender Island of the Haunted, The Pretender 2001 tried to answer some unanswered question relating to the series.

    I wished they had'nt cancelled this show and hope that some TV station picks up a remake ( would it be as good without the original cast ) but atleast we have the DVD's.
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