The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • Jarrod, Ethan, Miss Parker finally get to realise they are family from being imprisoned in The Centre when they were young. Jarrod escapes to lead a continues journey of dodging The Centres sweep teams trying to find who his family are. Fantastic series.

    They have to bring this series back it was and still is one of the best series for TV. Their are so many twists and turns and lies through out the Parker Family. The Centre has many secrets and they keep on finding more. Between Angelo an empath Jarrod and Miss Parker Sydney and good ole Broots their are many secrets and truths they unravel through their journey to find the ultimate truth. As children they were brought up in the centre and exposed to tests to produce the ultimate Pretender which becomes Jarrod. This series has to be watched to be believed as the lies and twists are just amazing. Miss Parker becomes the hunter as Jarrod becomes the hunted draw your own conclusion but you need to see this series. Why have they ended it on the fourth series without the whole truth still not known and left as a cliff hanger. Are they ever going to finish this series? I have just finished watching this series and some of it has you in tears and some so angry at what these people do to others its beyond belief and makes you wonder if something like this goes on in the real world. God forbid if it does. I have heard a rumour they may be bringing this series back but I wonder.....Please as I need to know the final truth.