The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • One of the only original concepts developed into an irreverent and suspenseful TV show.

    "The Pretender" was one of the most underappreciated TV shows ever to grace our screens for four years. It had an utterly original concept. A young, isolated genius escapes from an evil corporation (The Centre) and uses his gift to help people whilst attempting to find his family that he was kidnapped from. To the delight of the audience, we watch as Jarod discovers new foods and love whilst uncovering the secrets that The Centre would kill to keep quiet. He is chased by a group of three Centre operatives. Miss Parker, his childhood sweetheart. A hardened woman who was lied to about everything in her life including but not limited to her mother's "suicide", her father's identity and the existence of a evil twin brother. His teacher and mentor Sydney Green, Jarod's father figure who is racked with guilt about his part in Jarod's kidnapping and imprisonment. And finally, computer genius and overall weasal Broots.

    I would recommend to everyone to take the time to watch this engaging show which was cancelled just as it began to really came into it's element. It's a disgrace that TNT won't allow the producers to create the movie that would finally answer all the big questions we fans have been asking for eight years.