The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • A good show

    In the beginning the show is a little slow, the stories are good but the show its self has problems getting going. This is because the show has a hard time getting past the main mystery of the show, because if they got past it, it would end the show.

    The main characters are well written but I wish that they could have brought the 2 groups together more when they aren't rying to get one another. The show has nice tension between Mrs. Parker and Jarod but because they are together so little nothing happens to this relationship.

    The stories do get a little repetative near the end because they are still using the same method of Jarod trying to help as many random people as possible. I do wish that they went more into the main mythology more and that we could find out more about the Center and Jarod's role with them.

    In the end it is a good felling show that rarely is depressing with a fair amount of humor to keep you entertained. It might not be a buy but it is definately a rent on dvd.