The Pretender

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • The Pretender is a great show! It has it all, suspence, action, drama and a little sci-fi/fantasy. I love series with dark organizations and the Centre definately is. A shame that 3rd movie never has been made. What's Michael T Weiss doing these days?

    The show should been running 10 seasons! Great story, mysterious characters, a dark organization. When I first saw the Pretender, more than a decade ago, I was amazed, I could not get enough of it and was very sad when it got canceled. Thankfully I has been released on DVD and can I watch it as often as I please. Shame though the third movie never got made so we never know how the story ends.

    I always liked the Jarods centered episodes but I must say when the Centre was involved, those episodes were the icing on the cake. All those secrets from the past, all those lies, mr Parker who was unfit to be miss Parker´s father or so it seemed. It´s truly a shame The Pretender has not been appreciated more.