The Pretender

Season 4 Episode 5

Road Trip

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Jarod helps a woman named Zoe through her problems. Miss Parker, Broots, and Sydney find items of their pass. Each of these items reminded them of special memories of their home. Jarod asks them to leave him alone so that he can find his home.

    I liked this episode so much becuase of the fact that Jarod met someone that I could see him be with (Zoe). It also gave a little history on Broots and Sydney which is very rare. Miss Parker is her usual jolly self but, what makes this episode even more intriguing is that, to my recolection, the only time Jarod sasks Broots, Sydney, and Miss Parker to stop chasing him. I was upset to see Zoe and Jarod part ways, and the rest of the season I was hoping they would bring her back...I wasn't dissapointed. I just wish that they could have done a 5th season to develop their relationship even more.