The Pretender

Season 4 Episode 5

Road Trip

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Very endearing episode. A must see.

    I can hardly describe this episode. It was beautiful! Jarod, Miss Parker, Broots, Sydney… The yellow brick road adventure was pretty cool. Jarod gave and reminded them old childhood things and memories. When Miss Parker was telling her “story” about the thimble and Broots said: … and you all sewed something? And Miss Parker gave him a friendly punch; I thought that was so cute! And the note that Jarod left for them at the end, was very moving.
    The road trip, along with the short lived love story between Jarod and Carrie was so endearing and sweet and adorable… I loved it. They made such a nice couple. You could tell, if they had spent more time together, they wouldn’t stay as friends, if you know what I mean. The pool scene, the hotel, at her gramas house, all very touching scenes. When Jarod found out that Carrie had cancer and tried to help her, as always, it was very Jarod like of him. I must admit, when we saw Jarod with his bags, saying goodbye to Carrie, I really didn’t want him to go. I wanted him to stay and be with Carrie. Ok, I admit it, I did shed a tear at the end =P lol I loved this episode, who ever hasn’t seen it yet, doesn’t know what they’re missing.