The Pretender

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Jarod meets Argyle for the second time and helps him out of a tough spot. Miss Parker recaps her relationship with Thomas to Sydney on their plane trip back from Hawaii.

    This episode was wonderfully unique from the regular episode format. I liked the narrative; it struck me as a “MacGyver” meets “Sam Spade” type of style. This episode was creative and intriguing. I like to see Jarod’s character thinking on his feet, in a situation where he is not completely aware of what is going on. In the beginning of most (not all) of the previous episodes, he has more of an idea of what has happened in the situations in which he becomes involved. I saw Jarod growing in this episode, as he went into this scenario thinking one way, and changing after Argyle laminates the picture of Jarod’s mother; such a touching moment. When you lose a loved one, the picture personifies all of the goodness the person encompassed, and therefore becomes very precious. The lamination and preservation of Jarod’s picture was the sharing of unspoken emotions between two individuals suffering from the lost ties between mother and son. Where Miss Parker is concerned, it was nice to see a more human side of her. I could really feel Miss Parker’s loss as well, when she could barely choke up the words to tell Thomas about her mother’s sanctuary.
  • Argyle is one of the funniest guest stars ever

    I absolutely loved this episode. I loved it! This is the funniest episode ever. Argyle is my favourite guest star. His clumsiness is so funny. He really does have a good heart, but he’s dumb as mule lol When he laminated Jared’s moms picture, it just broke my heart. That was such a nice gesture.

    The way they showed the episode was really neat. I loved the “The Beginning” “the Middle” …. Really different. I loved seeing Jared as a monsenior or whatever he was lol I laughed really hard when Argyle and his dad went to see the Pope and Argyle starting “bad mouthing” the employees lol

    It was really cute how Miss Parker was telling Sydney about Thomas. She really likes him but doesn’t want to admit it.
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